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Stop Tuckin’ Around – Magnetuck’s Magnetic Shirt Stays Keep Your Shirts Tucked In

You always want to look your best, but how can you keep your shirt from coming untucked, or an undershirt from riding up above your waistline? Magnetuck® shirt stays are the secret to your well-dressed success! The best part is nobody knows you’re wearing them, as they are small, discrete, and applied inside your clothing.

Magnetucks shirt stays come have two soft, comfortable silicon pieces. The first is a small, flat stay that’s smaller than a U.S quarter. The second is a slightly larger, domed piece that is just 0.5-inches tall. Together they attach to your shirttail, ball side out – this is the side that sits under your belt to prevent your shirt from pulling up for a sleek, clean look that lasts all day and night.

Magnetucks are made using Neodymium rare earth magnets, molded in silicone rubber. They are strong enough to hold both an undershirt and shirt in place.

Despite the strength of the magnets, Magnetucks will neither damage your cell phone and credits cards, nor will they set off alarms at airport security. If, however, you or someone in your household uses an electronic device (i.e., pacemaker, defibrillator), then please do not use this product.

If you want to attract attention for your polished, professional appearance, Magnetucks keep you tucked in and ready to roll.

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