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Make It Rain… Compliments With This Stylish Women’s Cabana Jacket From Burton

* Technical jacket is waterproof and breathable
* Wicks away moisture and dries easily
* Sleek, futuristic design

Defy the elements and convention with this futuristic women’s Cabana Jacket from Burton, the leaders in outdoor adventure gear.

Most rain jackets either allow you to make a fashion statement or provide true shelter from the storm; this waterproof, breathable jacket does both, thanks to its chic asymmetric zipper and overlap neckline and innovative construction that makes it your personal refuge from wind, rain and other nasty weather.

Burton has its roots in dealing with inclement conditions – they have evolved the way people experience and enjoy the outdoors for nearly 40 years. The women’s Cabana Jacket incorporates some of the company’s finest material innovations, from DRYRIDE Ultrashell™ fabric that lets air in while keeping rain out to the taffeta-lined sleeves designed to wick away moisture and dry quickly, it’s built to last as an everyday staple. Reinforced seams, hand-warmer pockets, adjustable cuffs and an internal headphone cable port are the additional details that make the jacket an all-around excellent addition to your wardrobe.

Whether you’re off on an adventure or going about your normal day, stay dry and beat the elements this season with Burton’s Women’s Cabana Jacket.

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