The One Summer Essential You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

This Mara Hoffman Jumpsuit Is What

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* Airy, crinkled gauze jumpsuit
* Easy, graceful, wide-leg silhouette
* Spun from soft 100% cotton

Once Memorial Day hits, signs of summer start trickling in and there’s a collective lightening of mood. And following suit is your wardrobe.

Gone are the layers, and in come effortless pieces like the breezy cotton Mara Hoffman jumpsuit seen here. Cut from whisper-light cotton gauze, its crinkly texture and semi-sheer fabric are all about graceful low-maintenance, as is getting dressed in one fell swoop. What other garment gets you dressed as fast as a jumpsuit? Sure a dress could complete the task, but the ease of movement from this wide-leg silhouette can’t be beat.

Mara Hoffman Jumpsuit

As a designer inspired by travel, nature and mythology, Mara Hoffman’s designs aim to enhance beauty in everyday experiences. You’ll probably understand what she’s getting at when you free yourself from the denim shackles of skinny jeans and step into these ankle-grazing, billowy legs; you’ll be thankful you did once those record-topping temperatures unleash their heated fury mid-summer.

A button placket nips in at the waist for a relaxed but still defined shape, ending in a simple banded collar. The sleeveless style is yet another fuss-free detail of this jumpsuit, that begs you to forget what you’re wearing and just enjoy the sensations of summer.

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