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Show Your Love for Marc Jacobs With the Logo Leather Shopper

* Logo leather tote bag by Marc Jacobs
* Roomy interior with hidden zip pockets for storage
* “Midnight Blue” color is a solid, attractive alternative to basic black

The logo trend is all over the runways and street style blogs, popping up on every kind of garment and accessory in the most fashionable ways. Coveted brands all have their own iconic logo, and fashionistas everywhere are proudly wearing the large namesakes as a trendy stamp of approval. Logos are all about brand loyalty and style authenticity, and we are all in for proclaiming our love for designer Marc Jacobs.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]

While most think of logos as an apparel-oriented trend, we love the look for our favorite designer handbags. Marc Jacobs, one of our go-to’s for beautiful oversized totes, has adorned the iconic shopping tote with that world famous namesake logo in a chic and sophisticated way.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]

An oversized brand stamp decorates the wide face of the Marc Jacobs Logo Leather Shopper Bag, raising up from the leather for a subtle statement piece. The embossed logo remains the same color as the leather, so while it is large, it is not loud or distracting. The stamp reads “Marc Jacobs New York” with the flagship address printed below, creating a cool sense of nostalgia and brand identity. The smooth letters, crafted leather and crisp rectangular shape is unmistakably designer, with the dual rolled shoulder straps opening up to that roomy interior we love and need. A snap closure keeps everything in place.

The color is consistent and the silhouette of the tote is beautifully structured, making a classic statement piece that’s sure to surpass the uber-trendy logo designs of other brands. Grab it and go — to the grocery store, to the beach or to work — and make a statement along the way.

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