Make the Greatest Christmas Card Ever With These Matching Christmas Pajamas

matching Christmas pajamas
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The holiday season is nearly upon us and you know what that means — it’s time to get prepared. Baking cookies? Definitely. Giving the best Christmas gifts? You betcha. Decorating your house? We certainly hope so. Wearing Christmas-themed pajamas and hanging out at home? Yup, that pretty much sounds like the agenda on my end.

Like, come on, is there anything better than hanging out all day in pajamas, eating delicious Christmas-y treats and binge-watching the best Christmas movies as a family? Not really. And, sure, you and the family could wear regular ol’ PJs this year, or you could celebrate in style with matching Christmas pajamas. These matching getups are a great way to get the whole family on the same page during the holidays, in terms of coziness at least, and opens the door for fantastic photo opportunities as well.

Whether you plan on sharing photos on social media or in the annual Christmas card, family Christmas pajamas are the secret sauce you need to stand out. Your older kids or teens may put up a fight, but you know what’s best for them. They can give you this one.

There are plenty of matching Christmas pajamas out there and we’re going to guide you through all of the festive patterns to choose from. Don’t worry, once your teenage son or daughter who’s a bit too “cool for school” sees everyone else rocking this loungewear, they’ll want to join in as well. Here are some totally cool, and not dorky at all, matching Christmas pajamas to liven up your Christmas festivities.


1. Fa La La Pajamas

These festive pajamas differ slightly depending on each family member and sing a lively tune of “fa la la la” when combined all together. They have a variety of sizes available on their website for men, women and children, all of which are very comfortable and cozy.

fa la la matching christmas pajamas, matching christmas pajamas Courtesy of Tipsy Elves


2. Hanna Andersson Dear Deer Matching Family Pajamas

Hanna Andersson is a stellar place for all of your matching Christmas pajama needs — so much so that they have an entire tab dedicated to these cute PJs on their homepage. One of our favorites right now is these Dear Deer matching family pajamas that are covered in red reindeer and other festive patterns. You can find sizes for everyone too, including your pup!

anna Andersson Dear Deer Matching Family Pajamas Courtesy of Hanna Andersson


3. Wondershop Holiday Dino Matching Family Pajamas Collection

Target should be one of your go-to spots when looking for adorable matching Christmas pajamas the whole family will fall in love with. And, at an affordable price, might we add. This set turns your kids’ prehistoric favorites into Christmas celebrates by throwing dinosaurs left and right alongside falling snow and classic Christmas colors. Trust us, they’ll be thrilled.

Wondershop Holiday Dino Matching Family Pajamas Collection Courtesy of Target


4. Snowman Family Christmas Pajamas

Hoping for a White Christmas? Well, if you find yourself out in the snow with your kiddos on Christmas morning, we suggest starting the day with these snowman Christmas pajamas before you make one as a family outside. Each pair comes with a long-sleeve shirt coated in a snow family with adorable pants to match.

Snowman Family Christmas Pajamas, matching Christmas pajamas Courtesy of Amazon


5. Polar Bear Matching Christmas Pajamas

These adorable Christmas-y pj’s label each member of the family “Papa Bear,” “Mama Bear,” “Bear Cub and “Baby Bear” on the shirt depending on who you are. The polar bears on each of the shirts are wearing holiday Santa hats, perfect for the season, and they have comfortable sizes for each member of the family.

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polar bear papa bear pajamas, matching christmas pajamas Courtesy of Tipsy Elves

mama bear polar bear pajamas, matching Christmas pajamas Courtesy of Tipsy Elves

bear cub pajamas, matching Christmas pajamas Courtesy of Tipsy Elves


6. Gingerbread Man Jumpsuit

Speaking of cookies, these cozy jumpsuits transform you into a giant Christmas cookie instantly. Nobody will be able to catch you in this super comfortable and mobile outfit that includes a zipper down the front and a festive hood. It comes sized for men and women so couples can match this holiday season.

gingerbread jumpsuit, matching Christmas pajamas Courtesy of Tipsy Elves


7. Striped Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

This is a classic holiday look with the candy stripes and green trim that you can purchase easily for the whole family. The pajamas come in different sizes for men, women, children, toddlers and babies and even have the option to purchase them for the dog if you really want to go all out. They’re made of 100% organic cotton that’s been brushed for warmth and comfort.

striped Christmas pajamas, matching Christmas pajamas Courtesy of Amazon


8. Hanna Andersson Rainbow Gnomes Matching Family Pajamas​

This brand-new drop from Hanna Andersson features a slew of rainbow elves from neck to ankle to celebrate all those little guys that work so hard on toy-making every year. Each pair is incredibly soft and is sure to put a smile on your little one’s face. Turn Christmas morning into the morning they’ve always wanted by matching the entire day.

Hanna Andersson Rainbow Gnomes Matching Family Pajamas​ Courtesy of Hanna Andersson


9. Green Striped Family Christmas Pajamas

This green striped option is another festive pick that comes in sizes for the whole gang! They’re a simple design that any family member is likely to get on board with and, because they’re only green, are also great for wearing all year round so you get your money’s worth. They’re made for winter warmth with 95% cotton so get ready to get cozy.

green striped Christmas pajamas, matching christmas pajamas Courtesy of Amazon


10. Matching Polar Bear Winter Holiday Pajamas

These holiday pajamas are decked out with festive Christmas-light adorned polar bears and trees, very on-brand for the season, and come sized for each member of your family down to four-legged ones. The fabric is fade resistant so they’ll last for years to come and may just become a regular Christmas family tradition.

Christmas polar bear pajamas, matching Christmas pajamas Courtesy of Amazon


11. Flapjack Christmas Onesie Pajamas

These Christmas onesies from Lazy One are covered in Christmas trees and have a flap over the butt that says “no peeking” for a little holiday humor. Each member of the family gets their own pair and this set comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you’ve got options when it comes to what to match with. These cheeky matching pajamas are sure to be a hit on Facebook and Instagram.

Flapjack Christmas pajamas, matching Christmas pajamas Courtesy of Amazon


12. PajamaGram Matching Family Pajamas

Looking for something a little more low-key? Well, you’ve found it. PajamaGram’s matching family pajamas have nothing other than those classic Christmas colors covering your body head to toe. Each shirt is a sprucey green and pants are classically flanneled in Christmas colors. For those of you that don’t like feeling too “corny”, these ones are for you.

PajamaGram Matching Family Pajamas Courtesy of Amazon