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Make the Greatest Christmas Card Ever With These Matching Christmas Pajamas

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and you know what that means — it’s time to prepare. Baking cookies? Definitely. Giving the best Christmas gifts? You betcha. Decorating your house? We certainly hope so. Wearing matching Christmas pjs and hanging out at home? Yup, that pretty much sounds like the agenda on our end.

Is there anything better than hanging out all day in matching family Christmas pajamas, eating delicious Christmas-y treats and binge-watching the best Christmas movies? Not really. You and the family could wear regular ol’ PJs this year. Or you could celebrate in style with matching Christmas pajamas. These matching getups are a great way to get the whole family on the same page during the holidays, in terms of coziness at least, and opens the door for fantastic photo opportunities as well.

Whether you plan on sharing photos on social media or in the annual Christmas card, Christmas jammies that match are the secret sauce you need to stand out. Your older kids or teens may put up a fight, but you know what’s best for them. They can give you this one.

Wondering where to buy matching Christmas pajamas? We’ve got you covered with Christmas prints and beyond, including Hanukkah, non-holiday-themed PJs, and sets for sports fans.


1. One-Piece Pajamas by FOCO


FOCO makes it cool to wear a onesie as an adult. Yup, we said what we said. The fandom company makes it easy to rep your team year-round, including the holiday season when jammies are the outfit of choice. Your entire family can match, or at least feel snuggly while engaging in a longstanding rivalry by repping their favorite team in a pair of the company’s one-piece pajamas. We especially like the hood detail, which is useful if the losing team has to shovel the driveway. Stay cozy, y’all. SPY readers can save 10% with the code SPY10 for the rest of the year on each order. 

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2. Long Jambys


If sweatpants keep you too warm during the winter, but shorts are a no-go, it’s time for Jambys, the no-sweat sweatpants. The unisex Long Jambys are perfect for lounging around the house and letting you play matchy-matchy with your partner or family without wearing a loud holiday print. The French Terry pants can be worn with or without undies thanks to their breathable design.

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3. More and Merrier Pet Parent Fairisle Pajama


Sure, humans are great, but does your dog ever ask you to help them move furniture on your day off? No. Honor your loved one that gives endless kisses and doesn’t care if you get them an iPad for Christmas with a pair of matching pajamas. Petco sells their own Fairisle human and dog onesies that are the ‘roh roh roh’ to your ‘ho ho ho.’

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4. Carter’s Holiday Pajama Shop


Carter’s is known for their high-quality, affordable clothing for babies and kids, but the company also makes matching pajama sets for the entire family. There are several new fun designs this year for Christmas and several great prints for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, and more non-denominational matching winter-themed sets.

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Courtesy of Carter's

 5. Holiday Swoveralls


If you want your pajamas to be loungewear-friendly, it doesn’t get much more comfortable or functional than Swoveralls. Enjoy the softness of sweats with the usefulness of overalls (pockets, pockets, and even zippered pockets!). There’s no shortage of colors to choose from in the world of Swoveralls. We especially like their Holiday print, which comes in Challah Challah, shown here, and the Santa-friendly, Let It Swove.

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6. Reindeer Gymmies from Gymboree


Gymboree has just released a new capsule collection with Mandy Moore, and it’s packed with super cute holiday outfits for little ones and pajamas for the whole family. Moore stars in the new campaign with her husband, musician Taylor Goldsmith, and the couple’s young son Gus. We especially like the Reindeer Gymmies pajamas, which can be purchased with a matching Santa hat and reindeer slippers.

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7. We Are Family 2022 Collection


Show love for your family who are friends and your friends who are family with the 2022 collection from The Children’s Place. For a second year, the clothing chain has partnered with Kris Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, True Thompson, and for the first time, Dream Kardashian, to release even more fun designs from the pajama-friendly company. The new collection has sizes for babies, toddlers, kids and adults.

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Courtesy of The Children's Place

8. Tropical Holiday from Burt’s Bees


Whether your family is enjoying the sunshine and a beach vacation for the holidays or simply wishes they were, these lightweight and cozy pajamas from Burt’s Bees will make everyone feel comfortable. The organic cotton, GOTS-certified pajamas are available in several beautiful prints, and there are sizes from baby up to adult and back down to pets.

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Courtesy of Burt's Bees

9. Navy Striped 100% Cotton Matching Family Pajamas Collection


For a pajama set that will look great in holiday photos and won’t seem out of place year-round, we like the Striped 100% Cotton Matching Family Pajamas Collection from Target. Available in navy and gray, the pajama set has sizes for the whole family and is made with breathable cotton that will be comfortable regardless of the time of year.

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10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Sleep Tight Fit Family Pajama Set


The family that likes to celebrate the holidays with a movie marathon will love these National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation pajamas. The PJs keep it PG with one of the film’s most iconic lines. The 100% cotton jammies are great to throw on after a day spent untangling Christmas lights.

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11. Silky Christmas Matching Pajamas


Want something a little more luxurious feeling? Opt for a matching set of silk pajamas for the whole family. You can even step up your holiday swag game by personalizing each set.

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Courtesy of Etsy

12. Matching Mr. and Mrs. Pajama Set


If this is your first holiday season as a married couple, deck the halls and mark the occasion with custom pajamas. Not only can you get the year custom printed, but you can also have your new (or same) last name on the pants.

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Courtesy of Etsy

13. Jack and Sally MeUndies Unisex Onesie


MeUndies has several unisex onesies that are great for couples, as well as robes and lounge pants that can help groups get in on the fun of matching loungewear. We like the Jack and Sally print from Nightmare Before Christmas for those who want pajama sets for Halloween and Christmas.

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Courtesy of MeUndies

14. Hanna Andersson Dear Deer Matching Family Pajamas


Hanna Andersson is a stellar place for all your matching Christmas pajama needs — so much so that they have an entire tab dedicated to these cute PJs on their homepage. One of our favorites is these Dear Deer matching family pajamas covered in red reindeer and other festive patterns. You can find sizes for everyone, including your pup!

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Courtesy of Hanna Andersson


15. Gingerbread Man Jumpsuit


Speaking of cookies, these cozy jumpsuits transform you into a giant Christmas cookie instantly. Nobody will be able to catch you in this super comfortable and mobile outfit that includes a zipper down the front and a festive hood. It comes sized for men and women so couples can match this holiday season.

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Courtesy of Tipsy Elves


16. Matching Polar Bear Winter Holiday Pajamas


These holiday pajamas are decked out with festive Christmas-light adorned polar bears and trees, very on-brand for the season, and come sized for each family member down to four-legged ones. The fabric is fade-resistant, so they’ll last for years and may just become a regular Christmas family tradition.

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Courtesy of Amazon


17. Flapjack Christmas Onesie Pajamas


These Christmas onesies from Lazy One are covered in Christmas trees and have a flap over the butt that says “no peeking” for a little holiday humor. Each family member gets a pair, and this set comes in various colors and patterns, so you’ve got options. These cheeky matching pajamas are sure to be a hit on Facebook and Instagram.

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Courtesy of Amazon


18. Chestnuts Matching Christmas Pajamas


For the couple who like a little ha ha ha with their ho ho ho, check out the matching Chestnuts pajamas. Certain parts of the holiday season call for maturity, but picking pajamas is not one of them.

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Courtesy of Etsy

19. Final Four Loungewear by Lev Baby


If your family is more into hoops than hogskin, check out these super soft bamboo pajamas from Lev Baby. The set includes a solid top for adults and coordinated basketball pants that match onesies for babies, toddlers and kids. Lev Baby has tons of cute patterns that work year-round, including several matching family Christmas pajamas.

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Courtesy of Lev Baby

20. Star Wars May the Force Be With You Pajamas by Little Sleepies


Little Sleepies has a huge lineup of matching pajama sets for mommy and me, daddy and me, siblings and the whole family. There are tons of festive holiday patterns, including fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and year-round looks. If you want a matching set for the family but aren’t big into organized holidays, Little Sleepies has solid colors and several character jammies, including two options for Star Wars families.

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Courtesy of Little Sleepies