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3 Key Upgrades From JustFab’s Membership Fashion Site

* Experience key user improvements from the membership fashion site
* Enhanced site search – find what you want faster
* Chat or speak with a member services rep 24/7

The internet’s best-known membership fashion site, JustFab, has just gone from great to amazing, thanks to a few key enhancements. Having recently rolled out three key upgrades, subscribers are in for an elevated experience in site search, customer service and communication.

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If you’re not already a JustFab member, here’s how it works: Your monthly subscription of $39.95 gives you access to the latest on-trend clothes, accessories and shoes, all at 30% less than what you’d pay retail. The impressive selection changes each month, and your monthly membership fee is always credited towards your purchase.

If there’s nothing you fancy one particular month (a rarity, trust us), there’s an option to “Skip a Month” and not be charged anything, while still retaining membership.

While all of that has been well and good until now, things have just gotten better. The site has just vastly improved its site search, increasing its responsiveness to descriptors and product names. You’ll find exactly what you want in seconds.

They’ve also added their instant chat feature to their mobile site, so not only can you shop on the go, you can have all of your questions answered, too. And to top all that off, their customer service line has been expanded to 24/7 operation, so your shopping emergencies won’t have to wait until business hours ever again.

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