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Everything SPY’s Editors Are Buying at Memorial Day Sales

The summer sale kickoff is happening this weekend, with so many brands launching wide sweeping Memorial Day Sales across all kinds of categories. SPY’s editorial staff are only mere humans, and can’t resist a deal either. For anyone looking for a guiding light to what the staff is looking to scoop up during the sales online, following the path SPY’s editors are taking is a great place to start. 

Emma Wenninger, Assistant Managing Editor

Courtesy of Zwilling

$199.99 $219.99

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I switched to a set of 13 Henckels chef and kitchen knives a few months ago, after my $40 Bed Bath & Beyond post-college knife set kicked the bucket. This brand is right in my sweet spot: I don’t cook enough or care enough to spend hundreds of dollars on kitchen knives, no matter how forged by hand they may be, but I want knives that will stay sharp and work. I’m looking to expand my set a little, and this knife looks fun to chop with.  

Courtesy of JBL

$199.99 $249.99

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Again, my post-college $99 JBL speaker is on its last leg, and I need a new one. JBL, in my opinion, is sort of the un-sung hero of Bluetooth speakers: affordable, reliable, and you can get them wet, which is great when I get three G&T’s deep at a pregame. I gotta replace her, my old JBL speaker, and I’m brand loyal to a fault.  

Courtesy of Levi

$197.98 $248.00

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It’s honestly a question of what I won’t buy from Levi’s. When it comes to workwear (which is the only way you can categorize a denim jacket) I much prefer oversized men’s clothes from actual workwear brands, as opposed to women’s clothing that is meant to look like oversized men’s clothes from actual workwear brands. And, I’m a sucker for a well-placed pocket. Great for holding secrets. 

Courtesy of Anthropologie

$44.80 $56.00

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I’m also an Anthropologie girl. Sue me.  

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

$349.99 $499.99

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And an Urban Outfitters bitch. But, in my opinion, UO remains a low-key GREAT place to buy rugs. They’re big, surprisingly well made, and rarely over $500, which seems to be the going rate for cool rugs. I don’t believe in washable rugs. 

Tyler Schoeber, Special Projects Editor

Courtesy of Omaha Steaks

$139.00 $310.92

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For me, Memorial Day means one thing and one thing only: grilled meats under the sun. Everything I’ve ever tried from Omaha Steaks has blown me away, but I’ve never grilled anything besides their burgers. I’m sneaking into my friends’ backyard and using their grill all weekend long with this Memorial Day Grill Pack. Plus, I’m saving 55% while doing it.

Courtesy of MeUndies


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After testing the best men’s underwear last year, I officially own over 100 pairs of underwear. But, in my humble opinion, one can never own too many pairs of underwear. MeUndies is holding a 40% off deal this weekend with code MDW40. It would be irresponsible if I didn’t pick up this festive pair of boxer briefs.

Courtesy of Ruggable


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I currently own three Ruggable rugs and I’m ready to pick up my fourth. My current in-front-of-the-kitchen-sink rug has seen better days, so I’m snagging this kitschy (and machine-washable) option at 15% off. 

Courtesy of Pit Viper


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I’m hosting a trailer trash themed birthday party next weekend and Pit Viper simply has the most perfect sunglasses for the event. They’re camp, they’re glamp, they’re a lot, and they’re so fucking cool. Pit Viper’s Memorial Day sale is only going on 5/29 and 5/30, so I’m waiting to pull the trigger on that buy button to save 20%.

$48.00 $60.00

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My favorite summer scent? Sunscreen. Sure, I lather it on every day the sun is (or isn’t) shining, but sometimes, I’d rather keep that summer-sentric aroma on me from sunup to sundown. “Vacation” by Vacation is a fragrance that’s coconutty, salty, fruity, floral, chlorine-y—you name it. Essentially, this bottle nails warm weather in a scent I need on my body. Vacation is hosting a 20% off sale all weekend long to get buyers saving.

Taylor Galla, Wellness Editor

Courtesy of Madewell


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Call me basic, but I love nabbing a few seasonal finds at Madewell when the weather changes. This oversized shirt is exactly the flowy vibe I’m going for this summer and comes in a few cute striped prints. They’re offering 30% off a bunch of stuff and I’m leaning into my coastal rich mom aesthetic while saving some cash. 

Courtesy of Amazon

$179.99 $249.99

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I’m fighting for my life this allergy season, so I’m hoping this air purifier helps calm the incessant sneezing. I have a few from this brand already and they’re super quiet, which is a must in my office. The design is minimal, and it auto-adjusts based on pollutant level, so I don’t have to mess with it a lot. 

Courtesy of Outdoor Voices

$69.00 $100.00

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The return of outdoor pickleball season means adding a few more of these to my repertoire. I love this dress, and a 30% off Memorial Day sale is even more reason to collect a few new color options. It has shorts built into it and the fabric moves smoothly with minimal friction and feels cool to the touch. 

Courtesy of Sur La Table

$299.96 $461.95

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A major discount day is the only time when I consider splurging on Le Creuset. This is still a pricey piece of equipment, but I consider it a lifelong investment. It’s a wider, shallower pot than their infamous Dutch oven which will hold my weekly whole roasted chicken nicely.  

Courtesy of Kosas

$35.50 $71.00

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I’ve been sleeping on makeup and beauty deals on big shopping holidays, and this set from Kosas, a brand I’ve heard great things about, is calling my name. It’s 50% off and handles the basics which is all the makeup I can handle most of the time. Everything is also petite and travel-friendly, which is perfect for the slate of weddings I’ve got coming up. 

Andrew Burmon, Editor-in-Chief

Courtesy of J. Crew

$49.99 $89.99

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Every summer, I load up on J. Crew OCBDs then throw myself a little tie-dye party on the roof of my apartment. The dog has purple paws for a day or two, but it’s worth it to keep a bit of color in my wardrobe. I’m too old for this behavior and sometimes the shirts don’t turn out, but having a sartorial quirk is easier than having a personality.

$36.00 $122.00

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It’s been two decades since an orthopedic surgeon forbade me from wearing non-Asics. I sneak in HOKAs from time to time, but I still mostly follow the doctor’s orders. The thing about ASICS is that the Gel models aren’t bad looking and wearing them cuts down on my knee pain-related ibuprofen intake.

Courtesy of Chewy


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I own more dog throw blankets than you can count on the sharpened tips of my pup’s untrimmed claws. They make me feel better about letting her up on the furniture and I like to think they make her feel better about getting on the furniture, which she was going to do anyway.

Tim Latterner, Style Editor

Courtesy of Ssense

$31.00 $50.00

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I like an apartment that smells nice. In the summer though, it’s too hot to keep a bunch of candles burning, so I’m stocking up on incense. These agarwood ones are light, have a lovely scent, and come in this chic pine box that looks great on the coffee table. 

Courtesy of Society of Wanderers

$160.00 $200.00

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I’m all about embracing color in the home. Especially for people with “Landlord Creme” colored walls in their apartment. This duvet cover from Society of Wanderers, an Australian flax linen bedding brand, has the right balance of muted but bold color choices. And low-thread-count luxe options like flax linen give a crinkly, European feel to your bedding, which always goes over well. 

Courtesy of Blick

$7.19 – $19.79

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I’m a big frames person. I frame everything from photographs to an old business card. It’s an easy way to give boring walls a salon style look. These ones from Blick Art Materials are cheap and look really sleek and nice. They also have a matboard already so it’s hard to screw up the framing. I (carefully) tear the back support off them to mount them more flush to the walls. 

Courtesy of OKA

$223.75 $895.00

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This is just up and down a great deal. I can’t believe someone hasn’t bought ten of these yet. I look at nice things for the home all day for this job, and the fact that this $230 rug, down from $900, is still available from a great brand like OKA is kind of a travesty. Someone buy this, please, for me. Just go do it. You won’t be sorry. 

Courtesy of Midblend Supply Co

$116.00 $165.00

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It’s never too early to start thinking about winter wardrobes. Right now, everything is as cheap as it could possibly be, just like how in January, it’ll be the perfect time to buy swim trunks. This sweater is perfectly insular, but still fits under blazers nicely, I wear it all the time from October to March. 

Courtesy of Schoolhouse


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People often style their bed in boring white sheets at too low of a thread count, and then throw a bunch of throw pillows on their to zhuzh it up. That’s the wrong way to go about this. Bring the vibes you want to your bed directly in there. (To a degree. Don’t make me regret saying that.) A little pattern in your bedding can make it seem more interesting. This pillow sham from Schoolhouse has a deep green hue that has a relaxing vibe with a floral pattern that shows you (or guests) that life is sustainable in this bed. Stock up on a bunch of them, Schoolhouse has a sale going on based on total items purchased in your cart. 

Avery Stone, Deputy Editor

Courtesy of The Citizenry

$485.00 $647.00

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I’ve been eyeing a bedding upgrade for a minute now and MDW seems like the right time—out with the old and in with the new, or something. I also love linen bedding, particularly for summer, and this on-sale bundle from The Citizenry feels like a one-and-done investment that’s totally worth it. I’m partial to the graphite thin stripe pattern, which is neutral (we’re going for calm and serene in this era) but has a hint of texture. 

Courtesy of Hydro Flask

$67.46 $89.95

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I’m a big fan of the summer excursion. Beach day, park hang, you name it, I’m there. But as someone who tends to stash beer or wine in her tote bag (a borderline toxic trait), I know I need to step up my game with a cooler of my own. This one from Hydro Flask stores items for up to 24 hours (more than enough) and holds 38 cans without ice (likely more than enough but depends on the crowd). I’m sold.

Courtesy of Anthropologie

$57.60 $72.00

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A sale on glassware or barware? Twist my arm. Adding this timeless set of four coupe glasses to cart now.