7 Style Essentials Under $20 Every Man Should Have From Amazon

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* Everyday style hacks
* Easy ways to make getting ready more convenient
* From sweater shavers to mini mani-pedi kits

More than just an ironic name for a grammar textbook, the elements of style are the building blocks of a personal aesthetic. They’re also a great way to upgrade and simplify at the same time, bringing some convenience and elegance to your day-to-day. These under $20 essentials will let you save time and money on the road to style.

1. Portable Garment Steamer

You’d be surprised how much easier it is to de-wrinkle and re-crease your work clothes if you have a portable steamer.

Garment Steamer Courtesy Amazon


2. NEX Leather Jewelry and Watch Organizer

This display organizer lets you set out watches, jewelry, cuff links and more, and it has a clear display window so you’ll know what’s what.

Display organizer Courtesy Amazon

3. Conair Fabric Defuzzer

This fabric shaver gets rid of the kind of pilling and fuzzes that appear on wool and that totally frustrate lint-rolling. Don’t consign your sweater to the bottom of the pile, just shave it. Just, you know, don’t use this on your face.

conair fabric defuzzer Courtesy Amazon

4. Tide Instant Stain Remover

Everyone’s heard of Tide Pods, but get ready for Tide pens. These instant stain remover pens are a grab-and-go solution that lets you fix stains on the way back from lunch.

Tide stain remover Courtesy Amazon

5. LAB Environmentally Friendly Shoe Care Kit

This suave, eco-friendly shoe care kit fits in a backpack and gives you a leg up on keeping your shoes looking brand new.

Shoe Care Courtesy Amazon

6. Valet Tray

Apparently, it’s called a “valet tray,” but this snazzy leatherette organizer fits perfectly on a nightstand or bathroom counter, where you can keep the day’s essentials in easy reach.

valet tray organizer Courtesy Amazon

7. Corewill Manicure Set

This pocket grooming set comes in a folding miniature case and comes with everything you need to keep your cuticles happy and looking sharp.

Manicure Pedicure set Courtesy Amazon

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