What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’? Here Are the Best Men’s Aprons for Cooking Up a Feast

May the Forks Be With You
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Whether you’re serving up a meal for one or twenty, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be fitting the part when cooking up a storm. Especially as we near the holiday season, the best men’s aprons should be essential to your time in the kitchen the same way your favorite knives, pots and pans are. And, let’s face it, you don’t want to get any splatter from whatever you’re stirring in the pot on your shirt — even if it isn’t one of your favs.

Men’s aprons come in a wide range of different designs and styles depending on what exactly it is you’re looking for. Some aprons are built to be quite rustic-looking and masculine, while others are meant to have a more comedic approach in order to get a laugh or two.

Whether you’re searching for the apron of your dreams or you’re simply looking for something to help you chef it up for the fam during the holidays, we’ve rounded up a slew of men’s apron options any modern dude will appreciate. So, calling all chefs, BBQers and holiday cookers alike, behold the best men’s aprons that money can buy in 2020.


1. Hedley & Bennett Carryall Apron


If you’re looking for an ultra-modern yet dapper apron to conquer all your cooking and serving, you’ve found your option. The Carryall apron from Hedley & Bennett is made to dress any and all fashionable guys taking on a hefty meal in the kitchen. When they say “Carryall,” Hedley & Bennett truly means it. This baby has a number of pockets to hold any kitchen must-haves when stirring up the pot. Colors range out the wazoo here and feature some eclectic yellows (like the one pictured), ashy pinks, deep maroons, foamy greens and more. The apron is made from 100% cotton canvas so it’s ready to take on whatever you’re cooking.

Hedley & Bennett Carryall Apron Courtesy of Hedley & Bennett


2. Carrotez Chef Apron


An effortless, adjustable cross-back apron that doesn’t skimp out on style? We’ll take 10. This lint-free, soft as hell chef’s apron is a stylish addition for any dude cooking up a storm. It’s totally adjustable and can fit both smaller and bigger dudes easily. It comes with a number of pockets to hold your phone, some spoons, a whisk — whatever. You choose. It is promised to provide chest to knee coverage for most guys, even if you’re like, really, really tall. Use this from the kitchen to the grill to when it’s time to serve the table because, in your house, you’re the jack of all trades. Hate the brown? No worries, this apron’s available in a number of colors.

Carrotez Chef Apron Courtesy of Amazon


3. Flint and Tinder Brad Leone Waxed Apron


Alright, so you want a good-looking apron, but you want to ensure any and all stains that come in contact with it aren’t there to stay. What do you do? Easy, you get yourself a waxed apron. Keep your clothes and your apron safe from any explosions in the kitchen with this waxed canvas apron from Flint and Tinder. It comes in three neutral colors, but for extra protection, we suggest black. Even if a plop of vicious red marinara bubbles up and sprays your entire stovetop, this baby will keep you safe and never stain. The material is also made in New Jersey, so if the material is as tough as the people there, you’re sure to be fine.

Flint and Tinder Brad Leone Waxed Apron Courtesy of Huckberry


4. Levi’s Rigid Denim Apron


It is safe to safe that denim will never, ever go out of style. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, baby. But, if the cookie’s crumbling onto your clothes, we suggest using this denim apron from Levi’s to ensure your clothes don’t get stained. This handsome multi-gender choice is ready for the kitchen and the grill and features some of the same designs your favorite pair of jeans have. For Levi’s, it’s also relatively priced, too. All in all, this is the perfect pick for anyone that is never seen without a pair of jeans.

Levi's Rigid Denim Apron Courtesy of Levi's


5. Chef Works Bib Apron


Horizontal stripes? In a pandemic? Hell no. If you’re a stripe lover, there’s a good chance you’ve been ditching horizontal stripes within the last couple of months, because, you know, quarantine weight gain. Strut your stipes in a vertical fashion from now on with this bib apron from Chef Works. It’s decked in a handsome black and white fabric that is extra slimming and easy to match with just about anything. This adjustable apron also comes with two front pockets divided at the center to help easily separate your kitchen gadgets.

Chef Works Bib Apron Courtesy of Amazon


6. PricelessKids Personalized Apron


No single list of men’s aprons is complete without a personalized option. We don’t make the rules. This iconic apron throws your name right on the chest to show who the real chef in the house is because you don’t want anybody to get that twisted. For partners looking to snag their favorite dude the gift of all gifts this holiday season, this is a killer option to choose. It’s also available in a number of colors to choose from.

PricelessKids Personalized Apron Courtesy of Etsy


7. Hudson Durable Goods Professional Grade Chef Apron


If you’ve never owned a men’s apron before, this will be the first and last you’ll ever have to purchase. When it comes to durability, no other option can beat the structure of this professional chef’s apron. We love this option for dudes who cook for a living. Whether you’re the head chef at a local restaurant or you’ve created a meal-based business from the comfort of your own home, this apron is made for all-day wear. It’s tremendously breathable, has four pockets and even a towel loop to kick it up a notch.

Hudson Durable Goods Professional Grade Chef Apron Courtesy of Amazon


8. Your Opinion Wasn’t in the Recipe Grill Apron


Show ’em who’s boss in the kitchen or at the grill with an apron that does it for you. For when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, throw this on and let everyone else around know that you’re the only one whose opinion matters. It’s completely adjustable and is built so one size fits all. This is a great gift for any chef with attitude. You know, the Chef Gordon Ramsay types.

Your Opinion Wasn't in the Recipe Grill Apron Courtesy of Amazon


9. BBQ Butler BBQ Grill Apron


Okay, this one’s not fully made from leather, but who would want that in an apron anyway? This half-canvas, half-leather apron is built to withstand just about anything you put it through. It’s easy to put on and looks effortlessly dapper on just about any guy willing to rock it. With five different pockets in total, this apron can hold just about anything you might need by yourself when grilling outside or cooking in the kitchen. We’re specifically obsessed with the patchwork on this one, too.

BBQ Butler BBQ Grill Apron Courtesy of Amazon


10. May the Forks Be With You Apron


We all know a guy that takes his Star Wars love above and beyond into, essentially, a personality trait. Whether that’s you or a good buddy of yours, this is a stellar apron for any guy who uses his lightsaber to cook in the kitchen. The apron comes with one large kangaroo pocket to store anything you might need, but we’re pretty sure it’s specifically so you can carry your Baby Yoda plushie with you at all times.

May the Forks Be With You Apron Courtesy of Amazon


11. Syntus Adjustable Bib Apron


Get not one, but two adjustable aprons ready for whatever meal it is you’re whipping up. These aprons are soft to the touch and quite affordable in terms of most two-packs. Both are totally identical and feature one large kangaroo pocket each to fit whatever it is you need. They’re wrinkle-resistant so you can stay looking fresh from meal prep to completion. There are a variety of colors available as well.

Syntus Adjustable Bib Apron Courtesy of Amazon


12. Landisun Macho Muscle Man Apron


Rocking those abs can be a bit difficult with an apron on, so let your apron sport your goods for you. This speedo-centric apron is perfect for backyard BBQs and kitchen cooking alike. Get a laugh out from your friends and embarrass your kids at the same time. It will be well worth it.

Landisun Macho Muscle Man Apron Courtesy of Amazon