Baggy Jeans Are Back, Baby: Peep the 15 Best-Looking Pairs To Wear Now

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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Cancel culture can get pretty ridiculous, but this time, Gen-Z finally got it right: skinny jeans are out.

Trends come and go like the wind and skinny jeans have been blowing away for years now. For real, skinny jeans are totally uncomfortable. They’re wedgie-inducing and way too easy to tear. Not to mention, they look tremendously unflattering on most people.

Like, just watch Matt James’ recent season of The Bachelor and take a long, hard look at the dude’s legs. They just look so … awkward covered in skinny jeans. He’s a good-looking guy, don’t get us wrong, but man, his style would have been elevated if he were to let his legs breathe every now and again.

Now that skinny jeans for men are out, we’re replacing all of the skin-tight denim in our wardrobe with the exact opposite — men’s baggy jeans.

Men’s baggy jeans have been seeing a total re-emergence from the early 2000s in men’s fashion through the help of streetwear and skate culture. This is likely due to the fact that loose-fitting jeans are way more comfortable than skinny jeans, so skaters can access more of their bodies without feeling constricted in their pants. Additionally, men’s baggy jeans have a carefree aesthetic to them which is really popular right now in terms of men’s streetwear fashion. They add just the right balance to an outfit that says something along the lines of, “yeah, I spent twenty minutes on this outfit, but it looks like I spent one.” And that, right there, is absolutely baller.

Are Skinny Jeans Officially Dead?

The answer is a bit complicated, but for the most part, let’s say that YES, super-skinny jeans are officially dead (unless you’re, say, Mick Jagger or Keith Richards, and have made the ultra-slim trouser part of your look for decades). Guys will always look better, in our opinion, in a nicely tailored pair of jeans — and relaxed-fit, or baggy jeans, can still fit nicely despite offering your legs more room to move and breathe.

Slim-straight or boot-cut jeans — but not super-baggy boot-cut jeans, like decades gone by — are also a wise choice for most guys, as are straight-fit jeans. But when you want to lean into a trend, baggy jeans can provide a more viable option, too. Keep in mind: Baggy doesn’t have to mean sloppy. Think of the days of old, when men wore full-cut trousers (you’ve seen black and white movies). And while those may have come in a full and baggier cut, they were still tailored and draped nicely. The same can be true even when wearing baggy jeans.

Why are skinny jeans on the way out? Well, fashion is cyclical, after all, and trends that start on the runway — as skinny jeans first did! — eventually make their way into the general public. The same is true right now with jeans featuring a baggier or more relaxed cut. Consider the situation carefully the next time you look at those ultra-skinny jeans you might have been wearing in recent years. Baggy jeans are yet another option to add to your wardrobe.

Currently, you can find men’s baggy jeans in classic styles at places like Amazon and Nordstrom, but there are also a ton of really unique options available for purchase on more modern, fashion-forward places like Urban Outfitters and ASOS. We’re sure there will be a pick for you whether it’s something casual or eclectic. Check out all of our favorites below and ditch your skinnies for good.


1. Everlane Relaxed 4-Way Stretch Organic Jeans


These definitely aren’t the baggiest of baggy jeans for men on the planet, but they are great for guys looking to ditch their extremely slim-fit jeans for a boxier approach. These four-way stretch organic jeans from Everlane are made for moving around in confidence, something that skinny jeans never allow for. All pairs are made in a denim factory that recycles 98% of its water. Additionally, the pants are made primarily from organic cotton and are backed by a 365-day guarantee.

Everlane Relaxed 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean Courtesy of Everlane


2. Wrangler Authentics Classic Carpenter Jean


Oh, you know Wrangler damn well at this point. You’ve been wearing them since infancy, so you’re already familiar that these are some of the most reliable jeans you can buy. Period. These men’s baggy jeans come in a classic carpenter style designed solely with your comfort in mind. They never bunch up the way skinny jeans do, so you can fix any wedgie and hourly ball-fixings goodbye entirely. These Wranglers are available in a number of colors, but you can never go wrong with a light wash blue.

Wrangler Authentics Classic Carpenter Jean Courtesy of Amazon


3. Levi’s 569 Loose Straight Fit Jeans


For as long as we can remember, Levi’s has been as reliable an option as any for making some of the best jeans for men on the market, and that goes for baggy jeans, too. The 569 style might not be as famed as the brand’s slimmer options, like the 511, but it’s a wise choice if you want to nail the look and feel of baggy jeans, especially in a cool black colorway. These also feature a touch of stretch in addition to durable cotton, all the better for plenty of comfort all day (and night) long.

Model wearing baggy black jeans for men. Courtesy of Amazon


4. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Carpenter Jeans


Just $25 for a solid-constructed pair of jeans? Sign us the hell up. The Signatures by Levi Strauss & Co. should be a no-brainer for adding to your closet. They look excellent on all body shapes and even occasionally have sizes on Amazon that rise all the way up to 54W. Whether you’re somebody who simply needs a reliable pair of new jeans or you’re a street geek trying to put together the look of the century, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Carpenter Jeans Courtesy of Amazon


5. Tommy Bahama Cayman Island Relaxed Fit Jeans


Want to channel breezy coastal living without breaking a sweat? Pick up some classic blue jeans from a brand that brought the premium-yet-easygoing style movement to the masses (arguably) with this pleasingly washed pair from Tommy Bahama. Relaxed fit or baggy jeans don’t have to be sloppy, and this is an excellent example of how to let your legs breathe without overdoing it. Plus, the Light Indigo Wash is perfectly on-trend, too.

Model wearing relaxed-fit blue jeans for men. Courtesy of Tommy Bahama


6. L.L.Bean 1912 Jeans


Not every pair of baggy jeans has to go above and beyond in terms of their bagginess. Some, like these 1912 Jeans from L.L.Bean can be baggy without making you look like, well, a bag. These vintage-inspired midweight cotton jeans are great for all-day, everyday wear. They’re made from ring-spun and made out to be both durable and soft so you’ll never feel like you’re wearing jeans even when you’re wearing jeans.

L.L.Bean 1912 Jeans Courtesy of L.L.Bean


7. ASOS Design Baggy Jeans


When you want to lean all into the baggy jeans trend, and perhaps the throwback and grunge-like nature of wearing baggy jeans, why not go all out and get a faded pair that’s already done some of the hard work for you, right? These distressed jeans feature just the right amount of fading in a cool black color, the kind that looks just right with black combat boots and a red plaid flannel shirt, for instance. Plus, they’re more than affordably priced since they’re coming from the on-trend design masters at ASOS.

Model wearing baggy black jeans. Courtesy of Nordstrom


8. Devil-Dog Dungarees Relaxed Boot-Cut Jeans 


Devil-Dog Dungarees does things the old-school way in terms of its approach — making classic denim with a focus on tried-and-true styles — yet they use modern fabrics in the process, a nice mix of the old and the new. Its Relaxed Boot-Fit Jeans are anything but sloppy — these aren’t the boot-cut jeans of the late ’90s and early ’00s. They offer a more relaxed fit, with room to slide on over your favorite boots, yet the hem won’t drag on the ground, either. Think of them as baggy jeans that are actually just right.

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Model wearing boot-cut blue jeans. Courtesy of Devil-Dog Dungarees


9. ASOS DESIGN Baggy Jeans


We’re going to say it and we’re going to mean it: ASOS is an excellent spot to buy jeans online. They have a number of styles that look great, feel great and almost always come at an affordable price. Given the fact that ASOS is a known fast-fashion online retailer, some might believe that quality-wise, ASOS jeans could be chintzy — but we promise you, they’re totally not. Our e-commerce editor Tyler Schoeber has these jeans himself and swears by them. They’re comfortable, have an easy fit, come in a great color and totally affordable for just about any dude’s budget.

ASOS DESIGN Baggy Jeans Courtesy of ASOS


10. Levi’s 514 Straight Leg Jeans


Levi’s makes some of the best jeans known to man, so it should come with no surprise that we’re naming these dark blue, straight-leg jeans the best dark baggy jeans for men to own. While dark jeans aren’t much of a spring and summer moment, we suggest you keep these in your closet for the winter months. Though these jeans have a pristine look to them, they look great paired with rugged apparel. You know, picture what a lumberjack would wear: a flannel, a beanie, a pair of Tims — you get the picture.

Levi's 514™ Straight Leg Jeans Courtesy of Nordstrom


11. BDG Curved Fit Baggy Jeans


If you want a style that’s on-trend and of the moment, there’s typically one place to go to get that look while saving some cash (and ensuring the quality is on-par, of course). That shopping spot? Urban Outfitters, and the company’s in-house BDG line. BDG takes baggy jeans to the max here with a curved-fit pair that’s eye-catching and distinctive, plus highly affordable. Note the light wash, and the added detailing at the knee.

Model wearing baggy light wash jeans for men. Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


12. COLLUSION x014 90s Baggy Jeans


A pair of dad-fit baggy jeans in a shade so black you’d absolutely melt into the midnight sky? Sign us the hell up. These baggy jeans from COLLUSION are exclusively sold at ASOS. They have a straight-leg silhouette that is exceptionally baggy, but more in the way that they look as if they’re a bigger size on your body than they should be. The bottom of the legs are pretty wide and don’t taper even remotely, so we think it’s safe to say these are the darkest-colored baggy jeans you can purchase online.

COLLUSION x014 90s Baggy Jeans Courtesy of ASOS


13. Carhartt Relaxed Fit Holter Jeans


If you prefer to rock blue jeans on the daily — and who doesn’t? — a pair of durable baggy jeans can work wonders for your style and for your daily needs, especially if you happen to work in a more labor-intensive field. Granted, you’ll have to make sure your jeans don’t get too down and dirty, so to speak, but if you want a reliable pair of jeans in a cool color, the kind that won’t break the bank in terms of price, go with a dependable brand like Carhartt, then rock ’em for work or play.

Model wearing baggy men's blue jeans. Courtesy of Amazon


14. Dickies Relaxed Straight Fit Carpenter Jeans


Jeans were the original workwear trouser, prized for their ability to stand up to dust and debris, so it only makes sense that Dickies would make a highly functional pair in a fit that gives you plenty of room to move. The carpenter jean style was also popular in the ’90s as a fashionable move beyond the confines of workwear-minded situations, so these can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, if you’re looking to get the most out of your next pair of baggy jeans.

Model wearing carpenter jeans for men. Courtesy of Amazon


15. Shein Solid Pocket Baggy Jeans


We are a little bit back and forth with how we feel about the fast-fashion brand Shein, but the second we saw these baggy jeans, we kind of fell in love. These are some of the best baggy jeans for skaters. They have all the room you might need with tons of moveability. Sure, they might not be the best quality jeans on the planet, but if you’re skating and find yourself ruining every pair of jeans you bring to the park, these are a pretty good option to consider.

Shein Solid Pocket Baggy Jeans Courtesy of Shein