The 22 Best Men’s Swim Trunks to Wear in 2022

best men's swim trunks
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When the warmer weather arrives and it’s finally time to take out our summer clothes, you might find that the men’s swim trunks stuffed at the bottom of your underwear drawer aren’t quite summer-ready.

If you reach for your best men’s swim trunks only to find they no longer fit, are completely trashed, or you suddenly despise the way they look, then it’s time for new men’s swimwear. We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best bathing suits for men from our favorite swimwear brands.

What Types of Men’s Swim Trunks Should I Choose?

But before you choose your next pair of swim trunks, decide on what you’re looking for. In the old days, men’s bathing suit trunks were relatively uniform with similar cuts, materials and patterns. Now, swim trunks for men have become a diverse market with options for every activity and style. Here are a few types of men’s swimwear you should consider before purchasing:

  • Surf boardshorts for beach activities and workouts, as well as surfing.
  • Retro swim trunks for a trendy old-school look
  • Designer swim trunks for stylish jet setters
  • Statement bathing suits to stand out in a crowd
  • Hybrid performance water shorts for dips while hiking or traveling
  • Sustainable bathing suits for the conscious shopper

What Are the Latest Men’s Swimwear Trends?

Some guys care only about performance and comfort when shopping for swim trunks, while others care more about style. In our experience, the best men’s swim trunks offer the perfect blend of both, and there’s no reason you can’t have it all. On the style front, there are some new swimwear trends we’re tracking in 2022.

For instance, men’s swim trunks are getting shorter and shorter, and this year 5-inch inseam swim trunks are especially popular. However, if you don’t want to show off that much thigh, you can still find plenty of 7-inch inseam trunks and longer board shorts. In terms of aesthetics, modern swim trunks most often come in bold patterns with bright colors. Retro designs, camo prints and tie-dye are common, as are more artistic prints and color block styles. If you opt for a solid-color pair of swim trunks, bright primary colors are a popular option right now.

5-inch inseam swim trunks Courtesy of Chubbies & ASOS

Finally, brands like Chubbies are using new types of materials and liners. Modern men’s swim trunks offer a lot of stretch, and the obnoxious liner you remember from childhood has been given a modern upgrade. So if you hate the traditional mesh briefs hidden inside bathing suits, there are plenty of products that skip this feature entirely. We’re big fans of the Chubbies mesh liner, which is made in the style of compression shorts instead of briefs.

Once you figure out your needs and style direction, you’re ready to start shopping. Read on for our roundup of the best men’s swim trunks of 2022. We selected the best, most stylish options from SPY-favorite brands like Vuori, Mack Weldon and Patagonia, as well as the latest options from popular swimwear brands such as Chubbies.


1. Fair Harbor The Bungalow Trunk


If you want to help save the planet but don’t want to spend a lot on swim trunks, Fair Harbor offers a stylish swim trunk worth a look. Made from 11 upcycled bottles, these stylish 5-inch inseam swim trunks are cool and cut like the classics. The shorts feature a washed design with a bright blue overtake and a salmon line down the front. What’s more, for those who are fans of the inner liner, these shorts come with a BreezeKnit Liner, which feels more like wearing a pair of boxer briefs than those old mesh liners you had to deal with as a kid.

The Bungalow comes in several different vintage colors and styles, including a floral print, solid yellows and more.

Fair Harbor The Bungalow Trunk Courtesy of Fair Harbor


2. SAXX Oh Buoy Swim Shorts


Let’s face it, grey is the new black. SAXX’s Oh Buoy swim shorts aren’t only good-looking; they’re the most comfortable men’s swim trunks you can buy. Period. They ditch the itchy mesh liner often attached to swim trunks and choose to use a design similar to SAXX’s underwear instead, complete with their extra cozy BallPark pouch. If you want to stay comfortable and look stellar doing it, SAXX also has a number tons more colors and patterns to choose from, as well as short swim trunks with a shorter inseam.

SAXX Oh Buoy Swim Shorts Courtesy of SAXX


3. Maamgic Men’s Swim Trunks


These cheap swim trunks for men are an Amazon best-seller, and we can also tell you that Maamgic is one of the most popular shorts brands ever featured on SPY. These swim trunks come in a ton of fun and colorful prints, and they’re backed by more than 20,000 Amazon ratings. If you’ve got a vacation coming up and need a new pair of swim trunks, then add these to your Amazon cart and take advantage of that Prime shipping. These swim trunks have pockets, a mesh lining and fall just above your knee.

maamgic swim trunks with shark print Courtesy of Amazon


4. Bonobos Riviera Throwback Swim Trunks


Bonobos is famous for stylish designs that look great on everyone. This made-for-men brand doesn’t only have sharp suits, button-downs and polos, but they also make some of the best men’s swim trunks of the season. The Bonobos Riviera Throwback Swim Trunks have everything you need to get your swim on this summer. Don’t love the pattern pictured below? There are plenty more options.

Bonobos Riviera Throwback Swim Trunks Courtesy of Bonobos


5. Chubbies 7-Inch Lined Stretch Swim Trunks


In a few short years, Chubbies swim apparel has developed a cult following for one simple reason: these men’s swim trunks are just so comfortable. Instead of a briefs-style liner, these swim trunks have a boxer briefs-style mesh liner that feels more like compression shorts. For Spring/Summer 2022, these trunks come in a ton of fun 90s-inspired prints. We love 5-inch shorts, but we actually recommend going with the 7-inch Chubbies instead. Finally, we appreciate the many pockets that come with these trunks, although we wish those pockets had zippers.

chubbies swim trunks Courtesy of Chubbies


6. Biwisy Swim Trunks


For a bevy of basic colors and fun patterns, check out these Amazon best-sellers. Each pair costs around $20 and is almost always on sale. In addition, they’re made of quick-dry fabric with an elastic drawstring waistband so you stay comfortable even out of the water. Plus, they’re on Amazon Prime, making them that much better.

Biwisy Swim Trunks Courtesy of Amazon


7. Rhone 6-Inch Fletcher Trunk


You can’t have a roundup featuring the best men’s swim trunks without featuring Rhone’s Fletcher Trunks. These trunks have been redesigned in new colorways just in time for Summer 2022 and are sure to keep you looking your best on the beach. Each pair uses a four-way stretch material that makes them perfect for active guys. Plus, they have the ability to dry quicker than you can say “swim trunks”.

Rhone 6" Fletcher Trunk Courtesy of Rhone


8. Outerknown Tie-Dye Nomad Shorts


Outerknown is famous for making high-quality performance apparel that also happens to be eco-friendly and stylish. And this year we’re obsessed with the brand’s new tie-dye swim trunks. These stylish swim shorts are made from recycled polyester that uses post-consumer materials. A zippered back pocket lets you keep your EDC items secure when you’re not in the water.

outerknown swim trunks Courtesy of Outerknown


9. Mack Weldon Swim Trunk


Ever been to the beach and lost your keys in the sand? We have, and it’s a nightmare. Mack Weldon has solved this issue by including zippered front and back pockets. So whether you’re keeping your keys, phone, wallet, credit cards or whatever in your pockets, you can lounge easy knowing they won’t unexpectedly fall out. Aside from prime pockets, Mack Weldon does everything else right with these shorts. They come in a handful of cool prints and colors and boast a four-way stretch for comfort.

Mack Weldon Swim Trunk Courtesy of Mack Weldon


10. Le Club MB Tower 1 Swim Trunks


Hey pal, have some fun. They’re just shorts. These swim trunks feature one of the wildest patterns of 2022, and these wacky swim trunks from Le Club are an absolute must for anyone that likes to stand out in the sand. This pair boasts a colorful interpretation of a lifeguard tower, and there are three additional styles available. Yes, the pattern is a bit of a trip, but that’s exactly why we think these are the most stylish swim trunks of the season.

Le Club MB Tower 1 Swim Trunks Courtesy of Le Club


11. ASOS DESIGN Zebra Print Swim Shorts


Short shorts are the best shorts. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you haven’t dipped into the short shorts trend yet, now is finally the time. Start off strong with a swimsuit as eyecatching as you by snagging some funky short shorts from ASOS Design that will look just as great poolside as they do at the seashore. With a pair of swim trunks this short, you’re going to need some of your buds to take an Instagrammable thirst trap photo for sure.

ASOS DESIGN Zebra Print Swim Shorts Courtesy of ASOS


12. J.Crew Seersucker Swim Trunks


Seersucker swim shorts are a style older than time. Seriously, if you could time travel back to a beach in the 50s, you could absolutely get away with wearing these striped seersucker swim trunks from J.Crew. Pairs are available in a number of colorways at a 6-inch inseam for that not so long, not so short vibe. In addition, mesh lining is included to keep everything where it needs to be.

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J.Crew Seersucker Swim Trunks Courtesy of J.Crew


13. MeUndies Swim Trunks


Wait a minute, MeUndies makes swim trunks? Everyone’s favorite underwear subscription service is brand-new to the world of swim trunks for Summer 2022. Just like MeUndies underwear, there are colors and patterns galore. Each pair of swim trunks are built in either an 8-inch or 6-inch inseam length for guys who want to rock some leg or not. In addition, all are totally cozy and dry quickly when you get out of the pool. Sizes are available for just about every kind of guy, too, from small to 4XL.

MeUndies Swim Trunks Courtesy of MeUndies


14. Vuori Cruise Boardshort


While boardshorts are kind of on their way out, we can’t help but swoon over these brand-new boardshorts from Vuori both for visual and eco-friendly aspects. Each pair is made from recycled plastic bottles to make you more of a conscious shopper. Although they might look stiff as a surfboard, each pair is exceptionally stretchy for maximum movement in or near the water. Patterns? Vuori’s got plenty. Check them all out for yourself below.

Vuori Cruise Boardshort Courtesy of Vuori


15. Lululemon Pool Short


Hopefully, we can all agree that Lululemon rules when it comes to activewear. So it should come as no surprise that they took a seemingly regular pair of trunks and made them ideal for so much more than lounging. Thanks to their lightweight fabric, which sports a four-way stretch and anti-chlorine properties, you can feel light and loose as you body surf waves at your favorite beach.

Lululemon Pool Short Courtesy of Lululemon


16. Patagonia 5-Inch Baggies Water Shorts

Patagonia’s Baggies shorts have a devoted following, and some guys won’t even consider any other pair of swim trunks. These famous water shorts come in 5 and 7-inch inseams, but the shorter option is definitely our pick for 2022. Water shorts like these are perfect for people who enjoy hiking and running as much as they enjoy a dip in the lake, and these versatile board shorts are ready for any type of summer adventure.

patagonia baggies 5in Courtesy of Patagonia


17. Dandy Del Mar Riviera Trunks


When it comes to cool, calm and collection, Dandy Del Mar has nailed it — in a pair of swim trunks, no less. These gorgeous, cool-tone patterned Riviera Trunks boast a wild look to keep you looking stellar at the beach. Sizes are available according to your actual waist size, so sizing is a breeze. You can finally trade in that elastic waistband for trunks made to fit your specific size.

Dandy Del Mar Riviera Trunks Courtesy of Dandy Del Mar


18. Body Glove Maui Tie Dye Tonal Swim Shorts


Body Glove is known for its seriously durable line of wetsuits and water shoes, but did you know they’ve got a number of handsome men’s swim trunks too? These Body Glove 17-Inch Tie Dye Tonal Swim Shorts are built with a classic drawstring design suitable for any beach-friendly or water-related activities you might get up to. Plus, they’re clad in tie-dye. And we absolutely love tie-dye.

Body Glove Maui 17" Tie Dye Tonal Swim Shorts Courtesy of Body Glove


19. Bear Bottom Stretch Swim Trunks


Have you heard of Bear Bottom? We hadn’t either. But, boy, are we obsessed with these swim trunks for Summer 2022. Short shorts are a modern staple in menswear, but most of these men’s shorts have a retro aesthetic. Not these swim trunks, which have a loud and unique print that will leave everyone asking, “Where did you get those trunks?” On top of that, each pair is totally wedgie and chafe-free with a four-way stretch and water-resistant fabric.

Bear Bottom Stretch Swim Trunks Courtesy of Bear Bottom


20. Los Angeles Apparel Swim Trunks


Looking for some classic “it is what it is” vibes? Find them in Los Angeles Apparel’s Swim Trunks. These easy, fully-lined men’s swim trunks are built with a barely-there 4.5-inch inseam and include large pockets for keeping items on your body — for when you aren’t in the water, that is. Colors are very standard here, only giving primaries and muted blacks, whites and greys. If you want something not-so-flashy but still quality, then these are high on our radar to consider.

Los Angeles Apparel Swim Trunks Courtesy of Los Angeles Apparel


21. L.L.Bean All-Adventure Swim Shorts


When you think about L.L.Bean, you might think about flannel shirts and catalogs, but this iconic American brand is our go-to online destination for all types of outdoor gear. These men’s swim shorts use a recycled outer and inner layer that’s UPF 50+. This will help keep your legs safe from the sun’s harmful rays all summer long. In addition, the shorts are resistant to salt and chlorine so they will keep their color for years to come.

L.L.Bean All-Adventure Swim Shorts Courtesy of L.L.Bean


22. Outerknown Apex Hybrid Trunks


Coming to you from straight from the brain of Kelly Slater (also known as the greatest surfer to ever step foot on a board), Outerknown is taking a different approach to men’s swimwear. Aside from being simple yet stylish, Outerknown makes a point of being environmentally friendly, too. A perfect example of their ethos shows up in their Apex Hybrid Trunks.

These trunks are made primarily from 100% recycled polyester using post-consumer waste and plastics such as water bottles. While other brands are grabbing whatever material they can, with little consideration of the environmental impacts, Slater and his crew are pushing to make a product that doesn’t hurt the environment (and still looks great).

Outerknown Apex Hybrid Trunks Courtesy of Outerknown


This post was last updated on Wednesday, May 4. At this time, we named the Fair Habor Bungalow Swim Trunks the new Best Overall option and moved the Saxx Oh Buoy swim trunks to the Runner Up position. We love Saxx’s design, but Fair Harbor offers better styles, eco-friendly materials and a better price. We also replaced the Patagonia HydroPeak Hybrid Shorts with the brand’s Baggies shorts, which are more appropriate as swim trunks.

Previously, this post was updated on Thursday, April 21, when we added the Tie-Dye Nomad Shorts from Outerknown in the #8 position and moved the Outerknown Apex Hybrid Trunks to the bottom of the piece. After additional testing, we named the Chubbies 7-Inch Stretch Lined Trunks the “Most Comfortable Swim Trunks” of the season and added them in the #5 position. Finally, we added the Maamgic Swim Trunks in the #3 position based on input from our readers.


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Some FAQs About the Best Men's Swim Trunks

What is the difference between swim trunks and shorts?

As you might imagine, swim trunks are meant for the water and shorts are not. Swim trunks are normally made with quick-drying materials that make them easy for getting in and out of the water. Shorts, on the other hand, are normally made from materials that don't dry as quickly. Some men will still will their regular shorts when swimming, but we don't recommend that.

What swim trunks are in style?

Swim trunks that are in style right now range in a bunch of different categories. Right now, the most popular are likely swim shorts for men, which act as a short/swim trunk hybrid and shorter swim trunks for men to show off some thigh.

Do you wear underwear with swim trunks?

Wearing underwear with swim trunks depends on preference. Lots of swim trunks come with mesh or underwear-like liners that act as underwear, but others don't. Some men even cut out the liner included in their swim trunks so they can wear underwear. It really depends on your comfort level, but underwear will not dry even remotely as fast as your swim trunks will. Keep at in mind.