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The 7 Best Men’s Swim Trunks for Sitting Poolside in 2023

Men’s swim trunks have undergone several makeovers in the past 100 years. One-pieces conquered the early 1910s, swim briefs had their moment for quite a few decades and then men covered up. Within this timeframe, one men’s swimwear trend has volleyed between a few generations, having become the modern mainstay that won’t go away somewhere in the mid-2010s. Short men’s swim trunks (at a minimum of 5-inches) are still the go-to. As swim trunk brands push these shorter inseams to their site’s front pages, poolside loungers are being left with no other choice. Short trunks are in and, at least for now, it’s staying that way.

What Experts Say

According to the experts though, it’s all about Inseam, inseam, inseam. This is the sole proprietor that’s top of mind for men’s swimwear brands in 2023. But, it seems that 5-inches isn’t even the shortest men are willing to go right now. “In recent years, we’ve seen our classic 5″ inseam really proliferate the market,” says Chubbies’ VP of Product, Kit Garton. “It’s still our most popular, but we’ve also seen our ‘shortie,’ a 4″-ish inseam take off over the last year.”

SAXX Underwear also has a growing line of swimwear that continues to fly off shelves year after year. To no surprise, swimwear is having the same experience there. “The old-school retro styled trunk and the shorter the better,” Kathleen McNally, SAXX’s Creative Director explains, mentioning “shorter inseam lengths: 3” to 5,” really taking off the most.

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Both brands are also focusing on comfort in similar capacities. How so? By providing dudes with swim trunks lined with boxer-brief-like compression undies instead of mesh. “These significantly reduce chafing while adding both a pop of color AND added security,” Garton adds.

Colors and prints continue to get funkier and funkier, too, but Garton also reveals popularity rising amongst solids this year. Seems like it’s hard to go wrong if the trunks are the right length.

Courtesy of Fair Harbor


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Fair Harbor had its moment in 2022. In 2023, that’s not stopping. With its trendy 5-inch inseam, the Bungalow Trunks have that Goldilocks length and a sense of style that pushes boundaries without standing out too hard. They’ve got a worn-in color palate that’s borderline dingy looking, holding onto a vintage vibe that might have friends thinking these were stolen from dad’s closet in the 80s. One fabric lift will prove otherwise. Each pair is built without mesh and instead with a 4-way stretch performance fabric that allows for flips and dives as much as it does sun tanning. The Bungalows are naturally odor-resistant for a stank-free beach day and even use 88% recycled nylon in their construction.

Courtesy of Chubbies


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Chubbies is the brand that essentially started it all with modern men’s swim trunk lengths. This brand grew tremendously in popularity through the lens of frat brothers in Miami on Spring Break. How? Well, the patterns. They were born for attention. And, of course, that 5.5-inch length. They’re best suited for (responsibly) drunk 21-year-old college kids. Today, all types of men. Dads. Children. Big dudes. Little dudes. Queer men. Name someone. Chubbies are built with that person in mind. These are the kind of swim trunks one changes into the second they get on vacation and don’t take ‘em off until they’re headed back on the airplane. They’re that incredible.

Courtesy of SAXX
best liner


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The built-in underwear, full send. Using SAXX’s patented BallPark Pouch™, these swim trunks are non-chafing, control moisture, eliminate odors and leave everything placed where it should be. SAXX has the most comfortable underwear on the planet, and because these trunks are built with them into the liner, these might be some of the most comfortable swim trunks available. These are for the kind of guy that cuts the liner out of his swim trunks and throws a pair of boxer briefs on underneath before hopping in the pool. Each pair feels exactly like underwear but even cozier. Plus, they’ll dry much faster than those cotton Calvin’s.

Courtesy of Dandy Del Mar
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Dandy Del Mar fulfills that Maldivian wanderlust even when lounging under a New Jersey sun. There’s no swimwear brand other than Dandy that manages to create an essence so seamlessly. Each swimsuit from the brand has a vintage aesthetic that brings wearers back in time. iPhone in hand and all. They’re made for the kind of guy that knows exactly what kind of vibe he’s trying to bring to the beach bar. Someone whose brain is stuck in the past. Someone that reads the newspaper. The physical newspaper.

Courtesy of Amazon
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All of the swim trunks above and below are wonderful, but they’re all relatively pricey. This pair stands out because 1. they’re cheap and 2. they’re available for purchase with Amazon Prime. Money savers that still want to look good. These have new classic 5-inch inseam and all the funky patterns one can imagine from a brand such as Chubbies. No liner with these puppies, either.

Courtesy of Vuori
best hybrid design


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Mobility is a huge focus in modern swim trunks, but a lot of swim trunks don’t really offer the potential to wear from the morning run to the afternoon plunge to the sunset happy hour. The Vuori Cape Shorts do. With a muted, solid coloration, zippered pockets, a quick-drying material and UPF protection, this is built for the guy that doesn’t stop home between activities. The one-outfit-a-day type. Although they don’t hit that 5-inch inseam all dudes are wearing these days, they sit at a close-enough 6-inch length. Just roll ‘em up. No one will notice.

Courtesy of ASOS
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Although ASOS sells its clothes at a cheap price, they don’t sell themselves short. ASOS prints are all over the place. Some are colorful, some are mundane, some are solid, some are animal print — it simply depends on which corner of the site that’s stumbled upon. These will stand out from any other pair of swim trunks on the beach unless someone happens to buy the same exact pair. Remember, ASOS is fast fashion, so that’s certainly possible.