Oversight Committee: 6 Men’s Clip-on Sunglasses That Don’t Look Dorky

clip on sunglasses
polarized clip on shades
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* From Wayfarers to steampunk-style, you won’t believe these are clip-ons
* Portable, removable shade when you want it
* Versatile and affordable styles that look contemporary and classy

When it comes to accessories, clip-on sunglasses are about as polarizing as pocket protectors. Some may think the clip-on shade had its day in the sun a while ago, but these cool flip-up, clip-on sunglasses say otherwise.

As Talking Heads’ frontman David Byrne might say, they’re a “cool, multipurpose” instrument, polarizing UV protection when you want it, and acting as regular prescription lenses (or fashion specs) when you don’t. Because why should you have to take a whole separate pair of prescription sunglasses with you everywhere? Here are six clip-on sunglasses that don’t look dorky. Find a pair that matches your existing frames to add UV protection in a pinch.

1. Costyle Polarized Shades

These aviator-shaped flip-up shades fit just about any frames and give UV 400 level protection, making them great for driving across the desert. Plus, they pack easily (or store well in that weird, ceiling, sunglasses holder that many cars come with)

Costyle polarized clip on shades Courtesy Amazon

2. Sunglass Rage Clip-On Sunglasses

These convenient clip-on sunglasses from Sunglass Rage are all the rage, and on top of that they’re polarized, offer full UV protection and are super easy to carry with you. Working best with circular-shape specs, these have multiple clip-on points for a secure fit and hold.

Sunglasses uv400 Courtesy Amazon


3. Weluk Flip-Up Wayfarer

Anchored by sturdy yet unobtrusive rubber clips, these Wayfarer-style flip-up shades are a great fit for thicker-rimmed prescription glasses. They shield the eyes from UVA and UVB rays, too, and deliver that classic Ray-Ban look for a fraction of the cost.

Flip Up Wayfarer Courtesy Amazon


4. Dollger Double Frame Sunglasses

Double down on your retro-futurism with these double-lensed “steampunk-style” sunglasses. Don’t worry, no one will think you’re doing Jules Verne cosplay. Unless you wear them with a 19th-century British sailor’s outfit, of course. This two-piece set includes the black and gold frame, and the clip-on accessory. The frames can be outfitted with prescription lenses, or worn as fashion specs.

Double Frame Dollger Sunglasses Courtesy Amazon


5. Weluk Flip-Up Cat-Eye Shades

Held on by rubber clips, these cat-eye flip-up sunglasses measure 59 mm across the brow-line, wide enough to cover bigger prescription lenses, plus they have UV400 protection and great optical properties. The cat-eye design is subtle enough to work for both men and women.

Flip Up cat eye sunglasses Courtesy Amazon

6. Clubmaster-Style Polarized Sunglasses

With a classic shape and handsome tortoiseshell frames, plus the cool added functionality of “shade when you want it,” these are about the least dorky clip-on sunglasses on the market. This set comes with retro-inspired reading glasses, plus a clip-on attachment. Choose from a dozen colors and patterns, for an affordable way to switch-up your look.

Polarized Clubmaster Shades Courtesy Amazon

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