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The 10 Fall Fashion Trends Men Need To Know in 2022

Summer may not be over, but for guys who care about how they look, it’s exactly the right time to start learning about men’s fall fashion trends.

We know it’s still way too hot to even think about putting on a sweater, let alone a coat, but fall will be here before you know it. And we also know that fashion can sometimes be difficult to keep up with. Earlier this year, we put together a guide to men’s spring fashion trends, and we’ve kept you in the loop ever since. While trends like overalls, Barbiecore, and even knit polos aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, there are a handful of new fall fashion trends for men to consider when piecing together outfits for the new season.

Our guide is a mixture of some of the hottest trends of the moment and even some things that might be just a little bit behind the curve for those in the know — but are still cool to wear even this year. After all, if it’s new to you, it’s still new. No matter what you decide to wear this fall, study up on these 10 fall fashion trends to help you spruce up and step out feeling bold and fresh.


1. Knitwear Everywhere

Sweaters started the year off strong, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Due to their overwhelming presence, there are a few different ways you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. If you want an excellent mid-layer, snag a sweater vest. Opt for a classic crewneck sweater or a sturdy rollneck wool sweater that you might see fishermen wear if you want something really warm. Or, if you’re looking for something exquisite and refined, knit polos are all the rage right now and are the go-to item for many Hollywood celebrities, including Tom Holland and Dwayne Johnson. As you can tell from our fall fashion guide, there’s no wrong way to wear it.

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SPY recently previewed the Bonobos fall collection, and it included some knitwear we’re extremely excited about. In addition to bringing back some of the brand’s signature animal sweaters featuring bears and red pandas, the Bonobos fall line includes some truly stellar knit polos. Knit polos were one of the biggest menswear trends of the summer, but they’re not going anywhere for fall.


Bonobos Knit Polos

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Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Bonobos

Vince Crochet Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Vince


Mr. P Merino Wool Rollneck Sweater

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Mr. Porter


2. Big and Bold

Big is in for this fall fashion guide, especially regarding your pants. Anything that has a wider cut is definitively how you should dress now. But let’s be clear — we’re not talking about grabbing a pair of JNCO jeans. Try something more akin to pleated pants of the ’80s and ’90s. You still want a bit of a taper to them, but with plenty of room through the thighs and calves so as not to encase your legs like meat in a sausage.

A great place to start is with J.Crew’s new “Giant” chinos (if you can find them in stock). Don’t worry — they’re not as big as they sound. We expect to see lots of imitators of these oversized chinos, and so bigger, bolder pants are going to be one of the biggest men’s fall fashion trends of 2022.

J.Crew Giant Fit Chino Pant

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of J.Crew


Casatlantic Safi Trousers

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Casatlantic


3. Double Up with a Double-Breasted Jacket

We mentioned tailoring in the spring, and that trend continues to stick around, albeit with a slightly different spin for fall fashion: the double-breasted sports jacket. Not only is a DB a striking and sharp look, but it’s also flattering on just about anyone. The key to styling it is to think of it like an actual jacket, so pair it with jeans, khakis, or whatever else you have in your closet (I fondly remember the time I saw a DB styled on Netflix’s Queer Eye with a set of Adidas track pants). The more you look like Richard Gere in American Gigolo, the better. And don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns.

Zara Double-Breasted Blazer

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Zara


Brooks Brothers Regent Double-Breasted Windowpane Sport Coat

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Brooks Brothers


4. Leather Weather

More than any other material, leather is a great way to make a bold statement in a straightforward piece. We’re talking about jackets here (although, if you want to rock leather pants, feel free). Still, even within the jacket classification, there are plenty of options, from biker jackets to bombers or even a leather blazer if you want to channel a ’90s vibe. If you have ethical concerns over leather, there are plenty of good vegan leather options to consider so you’re not left out of this fall fashion trend.

H&M Faux Leather Jacket

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of H&M


Abercrombie Genuine Leather Biker Jacket

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Abercrombie


5. Fur for the Brrr

Shearling jackets aren’t just for Bane or Killmonger. They’re now wildly accessible, having once been a staple of luxury brands. Levi’s shearling jackets have been a popular mainstay for years, and you will likely find them in various cuts and styles this fall. Some designers are even taking shearling and putting them on sweaters. No matter how you decide to rock it, shearling will provide plenty of warmth when you need it for all of your fall fashion needs.

Uniqlo Pile-Lined Short Jacket

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Uniqlo


Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Amazon


6. Invest in a Vest

Vests, in general, are having a resurgence, whether it’s something more workwear-focused (i.e., a heavy canvas vest you can layer on top of a sweater for extra warmth), something more recreational (a hiking or fishing vest with plenty of pockets can fill the need of a utility jacket if needed), or even a sweater vest, you can’t go wrong with any of them. The key to pulling off a vest is how you layer it, so be sure to bulk up what’s underneath it (opt for a chunky sweater, a heavy flannel, or even a fleece sweatshirt) and then top it off with a vest.

Outdoor Voices Rectrek Vest

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Outdoor Voices


3Sixteen Zip Front Vest

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of 3Sixteen


7. Seeing Red

Wearing red isn’t for the faint of heart. The shade is inherently garish and often makes a statement in and of itself without having to do much else. However, it’s a great opportunity to take a bold stance just by wearing a single piece. Since red is likely to be pretty striking, we recommend having it be something to top off your outfit, so opt to wear the color as part of a heavy jacket or coat if you’re adorning the upper portion of your body or as the primary pant color for your lower half, wearing a full red ensemble will undoubtedly turn some he if you’re feeling extra brave.

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Hoodie

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Nike

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Sneaker

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Converse


8. Take a Hike

Hiking and hiking-adjacent gear look cool and often serve a technical purpose. Hiking boots (whether high-tops or low-cuts) offer plenty of cushioned support while walking around. Fabrics like merino wool (either in a shirt or in socks) help to actively keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Even fleece jackets are great for layering underneath a coat as a warm mid-layer. Just be sure to incorporate them sparingly into a look so as not to overdo it.

Outdoor apparel that looks more like streetwear than hiking gear is definitely on trend right now. Bonobos is launching a new outdoor line called Fielder, which will be available at Bonobos and Walmart. SPY also recently reviewed the prAna Hiking Pants, which are a perfect way to try out this trend.

prAna Hiking Pants

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of prAna

Bonobos Fielder Pullover Hoodie

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Bonobos

Salomon XT-6 Hiking Shoes

Lazy loaded image


Goldwin Tapered Jersey Pants

Lazy loaded image


9. Belting It Up

Belts are important. But they take on an interesting new context when applied to a wool or trench coat. A belt allows you to give some shape to an otherwise drapey silhouette, allowing for some striking outfits. It also allows you to pull that material closer to your body for extra warmth. Bonus points if you can snag a belted coat in plaid or even a houndstooth pattern but no matter what, these are a topic pick for our fall fashion guide.

SuitSupply Belted Overcoat

Lazy loaded image


Banana Republic Classic Trench Coat

Lazy loaded image
Banana Republic


10. Animal Instincts

Once relegated to hair metal rock stars, animal prints (especially cheetah prints) are back in full force this fall. As with any print, pattern, or design, the key to making an animal print work is to incorporate it sparingly. The easiest place to start might be with a pair of shoes before graduating to a full-on animal-print shirt, jacket, or pants. No matter how you decide to get into it, you may feel wearing it makes you a king of the sartorial jungle.

Blackstock & Weber Ellis Penny Loafer

Lazy loaded image
Blackstock and Weber


OAS Leo Terry Long Pant

Lazy loaded image


The Top 10 Men’s Fashion Trends We’re Actually Excited About Right Now