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The Best Flannel Pajamas for Men Allow for Some Seriously Cozy Lounging

Given that the average person spends around one-third of their day in bed, it’s surprising how little thought goes into what is worn during this time. While people spend hours researching and picking out their daytime clothes, the clothes you sleep in and lounge around in are rarely given nearly as much thought. Of course, unless you’re regularly entertaining overnight guests, style doesn’t need as much consideration. But, comfort definitely does. That’s why the best flannel pajamas for men are finding more popularity this year than ever before.

While it’s easy to default into sleeping in your underwear, any old t-shirt and shorts or nothing at all, actively choosing your nightwear can offer a number of worthwhile benefits. Most importantly, more comfortable sleeping conditions mean a better night’s sleep. And better sleep means a healthier, happier you.

So it’s time to start thinking about what makes you the most comfortable when you’re asleep. And, if it’s cold outside, that likely means wearing a warming set of pajamas, so you can stay cozy and warm all night long. We recommend flannel for chilly nights. But, before we get into the best flannel pajamas for men, let’s first explore flannel a bit further.

What Is Flannel?

In the case of flannel pajamas for men, the popular material is made up of raised fibers which help trap heat inside, making this fabric a great option for the winter or cooler weather. It’s worth noting that flannel still offers a good level of breathability, which helps prevent overheating and maintains a comfortable temperature for the wearer.

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Flannel is most commonly produced from cotton but can also be made from wool, fiber blends or other synthetic fibers, such as polyester.

Is Flannel the Same as Plaid?

No, flannel is not the same as plaid, even though you may sometimes hear these words used interchangeably. Flannel is a fabric, while plaid is a pattern. However, the words are commonly used incorrectly because in many cases flannel fabric is sold in a plaid pattern. But, you can also find flannel in several other patterns. For example, you can have a plaid jacket, you can have a flannel jacket or you can have a plaid flannel jacket.

Got all that? Good! We’ve put together our top picks for the best flannel pajamas for men. You’ll find full sets as well as individual shirts and pairs of pants below, so you can be both comfy and warm while you slumber.


1. LL Bean Men’s Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas


It’s hard to go wrong with LL Bean, a brand that has been keeping people comfortable (and dry!) for a long time. These flannel pajamas come in two classic plaid prints, and this set includes both a button-down top and a pair of pants. The pants have two side-seam pockets, while the shirt has a chest pocket. It’s available from Nordstrom, or if you buy from LL Bean directly, you can get your pajamas monogrammed if you’re fancy.

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Image Courtesy of LL Bean

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Flannel Pajama Top


Polo is famous for shirts, whether we’re talking preppy polos or rugged denim, and this pajama top is characteristically stylish and supremely soft. The 100% cotton shirt has a large chest pocket featuring the pony logo, and it’s available in a few prints, including this classic Blackwatch plaid.

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Image Courtesy of Macys

3. Calvin Klein  Flannel Pajama Trousers


Calvin Klein’s pajama pants take a page from their iconic boxer briefs, swapping out the traditional woven waistband for an elastic waistband (featuring the Calvin Klein logo, naturally), making for a more secure fit. The pants have a simple plaid pattern and hand pockets.

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Image Courtesy of Mr. Porter

4. Hanes Mens Flannel Pajamas


Hanes has been keeping dudes comfortable with their reliably soft and consistently affordable underwear for over a century, and these classic PJs are an ideal option for anyone. They come in Buffalo or black plaid.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Land’s End Pajama Shirt


Land’s End is a surprisingly stylish shop to stock up on comfortable basics like tees, sweatshirts and knitwear. The brand makes some cozy pajamas, too, like this plaid flannel shirt, which is available in a range of patterns.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

6. Fruit of the Loom Pajama Pant


If you’re just looking for a pair of pants, Fruit of the Loom has you covered. These classic plaid pants are available in a wide range of patterns, and they’re made from 100% cotton. The pants have deep hand pockets and a drawstring waistband.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

7. Sunspel Cotton-Flannel Pyjama Shirt


Sunspel’s t-shirts are legendary, and they fetch a high price. But that’s because they’re uncompromising in terms of quality, and the brand’s pajama shirt is no different. It’s made from 100% cotton and has considered details that go beyond your standard pajama shirt. There are three patch pockets, plus buttoned cuffs to easily roll the sleeves up.

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Image Courtesy of Mr. Porter

8. Uniqlo x JW Anderson Flannel Pajamas


Jonathan Anderson has been designing collections for Uniqlo for a while now, and it’s clear the designer is getting comfortable — really comfortable. These flannel pajamas come in solid navy and solid green, with a contrast-stitching detail along the sleeves, placket and pocket. Unlike most pajamas, these have a button on the sleeve cuff, so you can more easily roll up the sleeves while prepping your pour-over in the morning. There’s one chest pocket on the shirt, while the pants have two side pockets, plus a back patch pocket.

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Image Courtesy of Uniqlo

9. Uniqlo Flannel Pajamas


Uniqlo’s JW Anderson pajamas are limited in size availability, but the brand’s regular flannel pajamas are an ideal alternative. Uniqlo excels at underwear and socks, so it’s no surprise they make some cozy PJs. These flannel pajamas come in a traditional green plaid pattern and are constructed from 100% cotton. The set includes a shirt and pants.

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Image Courtesy of Uniqlo

10. J. Crew Flannel Pajama Short


The problem with pajama pants is that it’s easy to overheat when you’re under the duvet. These plaid flannel shorts are a happy medium between full-length pants and short boxers. They hit just above the knee for breathability, and they have a drawstring waist and hand pockets.

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Image Courtesy of J Crew

11. Tekla Organic Cotton-Flannel Pyjama Shirt


If you’ve ever uttered the word percale in casual conversation, then these are the pajamas for you. Tekla emphasizes natural, eco-friendly fabrics, and this pajama shirt is cut from organic cotton. The shirt comes in a stylish olive-brown color that’s almost too good-looking to wear just to sleep.

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Image Courtesy of Mr. Porter

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