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You’ll Live in These Hip Hop Fleece Jogger Pants, The Male Equivalent of Stylish Yoga Pants

Men, when you see women in yoga pants that take them from lounging at home to the gym, on to run errands, and then even dressed up for a casual night out, do you ever think, “Why can’t I have that?”

Now, thanks to Style Addiction, you can have the same comfort and style that will take you from hanging out to going out – all you need is a pair of Men’s Hip Hop Fleece Jogger Pants. Available in 14 different colors with stylish faux leather quilting, skinny fit, multiple pockets, and chunky zippers, these jogger pants are the ultimate wardrobe utility player for guys of all ages.

Earning nearly five stars on 50+ reviews on Amazon, the pants are noted for their true to size fit, the perfect thickness, the way they hold their shape, and the square pockets, which are perfect to stash your wallet. Thanks to the stylish cut and stretchy bottoms, they look great with a cool pair of socks and kicks to match.

Whether you’re looking for lounge to town wear for yourself or a loved on, Style Addiction’s Men’s Hip Hope Fleece Jogger Pants are the answer to yoga-pants-coveting guys everywhere.

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