Keep Your Core Warm With These Functional And Fashionable Outdoor Vests

Best men's outdoor vests
Courtesy of Carhartt
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When it comes to adding staples to your wardrobe, one item that is sometimes overlooked is the vest. Bridging the gap between function and fashion, outdoor vests can be the secret clothing weapon that keeps you warm, keeps you organized, and keeps you looking good.

As with any piece of clothing, vests come in a variety of styles, but we’re focusing on three vests that are more suited for warmth and versatility. If you’re looking for a vest to wear to the club, these are not those vests. Something that will keep you warm and comfortable when traveling? We’ve got you (literally) covered.

Outdoor vests may seem like a way to keep only your core warm, but they actually warm up your entire body. If your core is cold, the body stops the blood from flowing to extremities like toes and fingers in order to focus on your vital organs, which are located in your core. A warm core means the body can send that blood elsewhere, including your hands and feet. An outdoor vest also provides warmth without bulk, making it easy to move your arms, whether you’re running, hammering or fishing.

From home improvement jobs to travel, to staying warm during winter months, we’ve included our three favorite outdoor vests that get the job done. And they don’t even need sleeves.


1. Carhartt Men’s Mock Neck Vest

Backed by Carhartt’s trusted name in quality and rugged clothing, the Carhartt Men’s Mock Neck Vest is the perfect option to keep wearers warm through long days working outside on construction sites, inside cold shops and warehouses, or around the house while working on home improvement projects. Made tough with 12-ounce, 100% cotton sandstone duck, the vest includes Sherpa lining and a drop bottom for a vest that is warm and functional.

Pros: The Carhartt comes with two outside, two inside, and one zippered pocket that adds utility to the vest.

Cons: Carhartt vests run a bit small, which is important to note when ordering for the first time.

Carhartt Men's Mock Neck Vest Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip Soft Fleece Vest

Warm enough to be worn as a top layer and thin enough to be layered under a heavy coat or sweater, the Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip Soft Fleece Vest is a versatile item that will keep wearers comfortably warm in cool or cold temperatures. Available in nine colors, the Columbia fleece outdoor vest includes two outside zip pockets for hand warmth and secure storage.

Pros: The Columbia is rugged enough to be worn outside but also fitted enough to be appropriate for an office or social gathering. We like that the stand collar can be extended for added warmth or worn down for a more casual look.

Cons: Unlike other Columbia vests, this style doesn’t have a drawstring bottom and can’t be tightened to ward off cold air.

Columbia Men's vest Image courtesy of Amazon


3. H2H Mens Casual Work Utility Hunting Travels Sports Vest with Multiple Pockets

Featuring multiple inside and outside pockets and a made with lightweight 100% polyester, the H2H Mens Casual Work Vest is perfect for travel, fishing, and any outdoor activity, with a full zip closure and high neck to block wind. Available in 36 colors, the H2H is ideal for warm or cold weather thanks to its breathable mesh fabric back.

Pros: The H2H is safe for the washing machine.

Cons: H2H is a slim fit and users should consult their sizing guide before ordering.

H2H Mens utility vest Image courtesy of Amazon