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Lightweight, Fashionable and Warm: The Men’s Classic Packable Down Jacket by Calvin Klein

Get down (literally) and cozy with the Classic Packable Down Jacket by Calvin Klein. This premium down jacket sports a sleek and casual look, while maintaining maximum warmth.

With a convenient zip front and open cuffs boasting soft elastic hems, this down jacket will keep out the cold this winter. For those occasions when the weather looks changeable, you can carry the jacket in a conveniently sized nylon bag — ideal for winter travel.

You’ll also be able to store your essentials in the interior and exterior pockets built into the jacket.

This imported jacket is available in a wide range of colors, including black, midnight, green, dark chromium, electric blue, and deep red metallic. There’s a color for everyone.

Produced using a mixture of polyester and nylon, the jacket is machine washable, saving you drawn out hours of hand washing or a trip to the dry cleaners.

With a 5-7°F warmth factor, you can rest assured that the Classic Packable Down Jacket by Calvin Klein will fend off cold winter days, leaving you feeling fresh and free. You’ll be able to enjoy what winter brings like never before.

Finally, this effective winter jacket is the ideal seasonal gift to keep you or your significant other safe from the cold this festive season. Starting at $80, you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

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