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Stand a Little Taller With These 7 Platform Shoes for Men

Sometimes footwear for men can get a little bland. We don’t have the option to go all out the way women do with our feet heat. Well, outside the realm of some kookier men’s sneakers, that is. Women have the opportunity to publically post up in heels, knee-high boots or platform shoes — and it’s safe to say we’re kind of jealous. Yeah, we’ve got the best boots and mules that can get a little eclectic, but sometimes, we simply want a little more. We want some depth. Some height. Some shock-value. We want the best men’s platform shoes to spark some controversy in these streets.

There are a number of benefits to wearing men’s platform shoes. First and foremost, they’re absolutely stylish. A guy strolling into a function strutting around in platforms is a guy who isn’t afraid to play around with their fashion. It brings an unexpected sense of confidence the rest of the dudes in the room won’t have in their dirty AF1s.

For those of you short kings out there, men’s platform shoes also give you a little bit of a boost. Women do it with high heels, so why can’t you do it with some platforms? News flash: you can.

Because platform shoes for men aren’t as common as they are for women, there sadly aren’t too many options in the world guys can choose from right now. But, thankfully, the options we found are easily giving some of the coolest platform shoes for women a serious run for their money. With that said, see below for the top men’s platform shoes to snag for yourself in 2021.

1. Dr Martens Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots


Dr Martens has been changing the way dudes wear shoes for decades at this point, so don’t get your panties up in a bunch that we’re placing them in our number one spot for the best men’s platform shoes. Like, what did you expect? Nike? C’mon, man. These handsome leather boots are a classic gender-neutral footwear option almost anybody can get behind. They retain the original details we’ve seen from Dr Martens for all those years they’ve existed for like polished leather, grooved edges and of course, that gawk-worthy chunky platform sole. You can find these in a number of handsome colors all over Dr Martens’ site, but you simply can’t go wrong with an all-black approach.

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Courtesy of Dr Martens


2. T.U.K. Shoes Unisex-Adult Creepers


These old-school goth-centric creepers will send shivers down every onlooker’s spine. Well, okay, not really, but these platform shoes for men seemingly come right out of an Addams Family movie. They use a rubber sole and a vegan construction to raise your feet 1.5-inches from the floor for all-day elevated walking. Each shoe has an upper that sits at the ankle and is complete with D-ring laces you’ll never have to tie.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. SWEAR Element Platform Sneakers


Now, these are some sneaks ready for stomping. Chunky sneakers have become a main staple in the world of footwear for all genders in recent years, but SWEAR takes that thicc look and multiplies it by 100 with their Element Platform Sneakers. These all-black beauties use the EXTERMINATOR sole taken from the brand’s archive to really change the game of modern men’s footwear. Sure, they have a clunkier look to them, but that’s what sets them apart as one of the coolest sneaks you can purchase this year.

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Courtesy of Farfetch


4. Off-White Logo Platform Flip Flops


Although summer is coming to a close, we couldn’t leave out a classic pair of Y2K platform flip flops from one of our favorite designers. Off-White has a slew of stylish accessories to choose from, but these platform flips might possibly take the cake. They’re detailed in black and yellow and feature iconic logo straps that will set you apart from every other pair of sandals at the beach. They’ve got a cool, calm and collected feeling to them that will exude a laid-backness in style.

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Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


5. Converse Run Star Motion Hi Canvas Platform Sneakers


You can’t go wrong with Converse and that’s a footwear fact. These platform sneakers take a brand-new approach to the classic Converse high-top aesthetic by giving us a shocking exterior from heel to toe. It’s coated in a bright white canvas upper but the soles take a wild approach with a Neopolitan ice cream chunk that goes from black to white to tan across the bottom. The sole also features an exaggerated wave to it that’s almost spikey to help you stand out.

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Courtesy of ASOS


6. Dr Martens 1461 Polka Dot Smooth Leather Platform Shoes


If just the platform isn’t enough for you, there are clearly a lot of options available to take your style up a notch or two. These polka-dotted leather platform shoes from Dr Martens are exactly how you should consider evolving your look for fall. They feature an all-black exterior that’s covered with large white dots on the upper. Each dot is striped with even more black to help transform it into an even louder shoe. Obviously, each platform shoe is complete with Dr Martens’ well-known yellow stitching, too. It wouldn’t be a pair of Docs without it!

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Courtesy of Dr Martens


7. Ottega Veneta Off-White Puddle Chelsea Boots


Take your rain boots and toss ’em. The Off-White Puddle Chelsea Boots from Ottega Veneta are wet weather’s new BFF. These chunky, waterproof platform shoes for men are made from rubber to keep your feet dry in puddles and downpours. They’ve got a clunky, almost chubby appearance to them that feels playful and carefree in terms of men’s footwear. You don’t have to wait until it rains, either. Throw these on for an eye-catching finish all season long.

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Courtesy of SSENSE