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Keep Track of The New Year With This Uniform Wares Stainless Steel Watch

* Unisex watch made from polished stainless steel
* Water and scratch resistant – ideal for the rigors of daily life
* Highest quality face detail with silver hands and hour/minute detailing

There’s something about owning a well-made watch that oozes class and distinction. You carry yourself a little more elegantly, and start learning to appreciate the little details. The Uniform Wares C35 is a classically-inspired timepiece made from polished steel that speaks to a level of sophistication you just can’t get from a department store watch.

This collector’s piece is Swiss made, ensuring impressive accuracy (-10/+20 secs per month) and the highest standard of craftsmanship. The 35mm face sports brilliant detail throughout, from the silver hands and the silver hour and minute details surrounding the dial, to the scratch resistant sapphire glass. This watch oozes class.

The polished Milanese mesh bracelet completes the eye catching look and features an adjustable snapping buckle to accommodate most wrist sizes. The watch is then hand-polished before being delivered in an attractive case.

With its aesthetic versatility, this stylish watch can fulfill your requirements for casual wear, or act as a high-end piece for formal evening occasions.

At $850, this unique watch delivers quality in every detail, creating a special gift of grand proportions or even a reward for yourself. With its flawless build and inspired design, it’s the perfect watch to ring in the new year – and the new you.

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