The 13 Best Places To Buy Men’s Suits Online: Comparing Bespoke, Off the Rack and Department Stores

Best places to buy suits online
Courtesy of Bonobos, Charles Tyrwhitt

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Whether you live somewhere without a ton of great shops and tailors or you just enjoy the convenience of shopping from your couch, ordering a suit online can be a surprisingly good way to get a reasonably-priced and well-made suit. But just like buying a suit in the real world, there’s a lot of variety online, both in terms of price and the kind of suit you’re going to get. When you’re buying a men’s suit online, it helps to know the different kinds of tailoring that are available — after all, it’s not as simple as just picking a size “L” and clicking add to cart.

In this guide, we’ll break down the difference between off-the-rack, made-to-measure and bespoke suits. We’ll also share the best places to buy suits online, with a variety of options to suit any budget. For guys who need to order a last-minute suit before a big event, we’ve got some quality off-the-rack options to consider. However, if you’re planning ahead, then we recommend investing in one of the made-to-measure suit brands below such as Bonobos or Indochino.

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Suit Online

When it comes to a suit, the three broad categories are off-the-rack, made to measure and bespoke. As the name implies, an off-the-rack suit is bought from the store, as is, without an opportunity to customize any details. Most of the time, you’ll still need to take an off-the-rack suit to a tailor to get the pants hemmed and, if you like, tapered. The advantage of an off-the-rack suit is convenience and cost. For not as much money, you can pop into the J.Crew at the mall, pick up a suit, have it tailored and bring it home that day. The drawback with off-the-rack is that the fit won’t be as perfect as if it was made for you.

With a made-to-measure suit, you get a suit that’s customized to your body measurements, and you can choose many of the details to your liking. A made-to-measure suit will be constructed using an existing pattern, which will then be altered to fit you. Our favorite made-to-measure brands have a huge selection of materials and styles, not to mention men’s dress shirts and accessories. So even though a made-to-measure suit isn’t as customizable as a bespoke suit, you can still order a suit online that perfectly matches your style.

Bespoke is a step up from made-to-measure, in that the suit is constructed entirely from scratch. This allows you to choose every detail and have a suit that’s built for your body and style. However, bespoke is much more expensive and time-consuming, and you may have to visit your tailor for multiple fittings. (If you don’t already have a go-to tailor, then bespoke suits may not be the right option for you.)

Remember: To truly wear a bespoke men’s suit with style, it has to fit you properly, and that’s why we highly recommend taking any suits you buy online to a tailor. It’s possible you know your measurements so well that the suits you buy online fit like a glove, but there are always tiny adjustments that can be made for the perfect fit.

We’ve rounded up some of the best places to buy a men’s suit online below. These include made-to-measure and custom shops, as well as stores that sell suits off-the-rack. Retailers on this list include direct-to-consumer brands as well as department stores that sell men’s suits online. Besides a jacket and pants, many of the brands on this list also offer dress shirts, accessories and ties. (And if you need help matching your dress shirts to your ties, we’ve got a guide for that, too.)


1. Bonobos


We love Bonobos here at SPY, and they often appear in our fashion guides. Whether you need a new pair of tailored dress pants, stylish golf shirts or the perfect business-casual sweater, Bonobos is one of our go-to shopping destinations for menswear. And while Bonobos has become a better destination for more casual apparel like T-shirts in recent years, the brand cut its teeth on clothes you wear for the office. And if you’re on the hunt for the best places to buy suits online, Bonobos is another top recommendation. They make it easy to buy custom-fitted suits online, and they also have stores around the country where you can see their latest products and get fitted for a bespoke suit.

In addition, they have modern, stylish clothing for every occasion, at perfectly reasonable prices. For the best suits under $1,000, it’s hard to beat Bonobos’ style, selection and prices. The suits are sized using a standard jacket and waist sizes. You can customize certain details, but Bonobos’ online offerings are primarily off-the-rack.

To get the most out of Bonobos, we recommend going into a physical storefront and getting fitted for a suit. Afterward, you can purchase additional suits online. If that’s not possible or you don’t have time, you can simply order online. Your first order may not fit perfectly, but that’s an unavoidable hazard when buying suits online. In our experience, Bonobos is able to deliver a suit in under two weeks, and sometimes faster.


  • Bonobos suits are made of quality materials
  • Suits have perfect amount of stretch for mobility
  • Great selection of styles and colors
  • Extended sizing


  • You may need to visit a tailor for the perfect fit
  • Suits cost $500+

Bonobos Italian Stretch Cotton Suit Courtesy of Bonobos


2. SuitSupply


Suit is right there in the name, so it’s hardly surprising that the brand has a wealth of tailoring options. SuitSupply offers a slightly trendier take, with suits in unique colors and patterns, and even some pants with sweatpant-inspired drawstrings. Their customization section is impressive — you can choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns and fabrics, including wool, cotton and linen. Then, you can get into details like button type, lapel and pockets. Keep in mind that prices vary widely by material.

Like Bonobos, SuitSupply offers much more than suits, and the company has everything you need to build a complete business-casual wardrobe for work and formal events.

We recently reviewed SuitSupply, and it took five weeks for the suit to arrive. We’ll chalk part of that up to supply chain delays that are disrupting lots of businesses, but that is still a long time to wait.


  • The fit of off-the-rack suits is fairly true-to-size
  • Easy-to-use website


  • It can take several weeks to receive a custom suit, so place your order accordingly

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Suitsupply Light Brown Houndstooth Havana Suit Courtesy of Suitsupply

3. Indochino


Indochino is a slightly more affordable alternative to Bonobos, offering suits in the $400 range, compared with Bonobos’ roughly $600 suits. That said, Indochino still offers a lot of choice, with more customizable features than Bonobos. You can choose everything from the lapel style to the button color and even the number of vents on the back of the jacket. Indochino also provides video guides to help you accurately get your measurements. While Bonobos wins out on overall style and selection, Indochino is an excellent alternative if you’re on a tighter budget.

Looking for the best suits under $500 you can order online? Then you won’t be disappointed with Indochino. Like Bonobos or SuitSupply, we recommend stopping by an in-person location if possible, but the off-the-rack sizing is true to size.


  • Great selection of suit colors
  • Easy-to-use website 


  • Suits aren’t the most durable 
  • It can take several weeks to receive a custom suit, so place your order accordingly

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Indochino Salisbury Linen Cream suit Courtesy of Indochino

4. Zara


Zara may be known for its hip and trendy fast fashion, but the Spanish retailer also dabbles in the art of suit making. While they only offer off-the-rack options, you’ll be impressed by the wide variety of styles they have in stock. Whether you’re a fan of slim suiting or texture pieces, Zara is certainly one of the best places to buy suits online. And the best part about the suits are they’re reasonably priced, with blazers starting at $129.00 and pants starting at $49.90. Another plus about the retailer is they have several retail locations all over the country, giving you the opportunity to step foot inside a store to try on one of their dapper suits first.

If you need an affordable suit for a wedding, funeral or job interview and don’t have time for made-to-fit options that can take weeks to arrive, then consider Zara, one of the best places to buy off-the-rack suits online in 2022.


  • Modern, trendy styles
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great off-the-rack option


  • Not always true to size
Zara Slim Suit Courtesy of Zara

5. Charles Tyrwhitt


If you need to buy a collection of suits for the office, then we highly recommend checking out Charles Tyrwhitt. While brands like Bonobos offer more modern styles, Charles Tyrwhitt offers classic looks with British charm. Based in the U.K., this men’s apparel company has an excellent selection of dress shirts, suits and dress shoes. While you might assume that fine British tailoring would cost you thousands of dollars, the company has surprisingly affordable suits for every possible occasion. Thanks to the wide range of styles, fabrics and colors, as well as the reasonable prices, it’s an excellent place to buy suits online if you need multiple suits for work.


  • 6-month quality guarantee
  • Slim suits fit snugly without being overly tight


  • The quality of the materials isn’t the most luxurious
Charles Tyrwhitt Ultimate Suit Courtesy of Charles Tyrwhitt

6. Paul Stuart


If you’re looking for a retailer that gives you the opportunity to purchase off-the-rack, made-to-measure and bespoke suits, you can’t go wrong with shopping at Paul Stuart. The luxury clothing brand offers suits and tuxedos with impeccable tailoring that any guy will love. Opting for a custom suit gives you complete creative access to design your suit, from the style to the fabric to even adding your personal monogram. Of course, with the brand being a luxury store, you can expect an expensive price tag attached to its garments.


  • Quality materials 
  • The brand has retail locations in New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C.
  • Customers can order made-to-order footwear as well


  • Expensive 
  • It can take several weeks to receive a custom suit
Paul Stuart Solid Travel Cloth Suit Courtesy of Paul Stuart



While you won’t have the luxury of getting a custom-made suit or even a made-to-measure order, you will have the chance to pick out a suit with a quirky design. Not to mention, you can probably score the whole ensemble for less than $200. Similar to the retailers above, ASOS only has off-the-rack suits, so it’s important to know your size. If you aren’t sure how the suit will fit you, it’s best to size up so you can get your garments tailored to your measurements.


  • Plenty of styles, colors and different-textured suits to choose from 
  • Extended sizing


  • Suits aren’t the most durable 
  • You’ll have to find a tailor if you want alterations to your suit
Topman Oversized Suit Jacket and Pants in Dark Green Courtesy of ASOS

8. Nordstrom


Bonobos, Indochino and SuitSupply products are all available at Nordstrom, along with tons of other suiting brands in a variety of price brackets. Besides those brands, some of the common suiting options include brands like Ted Baker, Armani and Boss. In many cases, you can get your items the same or the next day with in-store pickup, which is perfect for those last-minute events when you realize that the suit you bought in college no longer fits. You’ll need to know your measurements, and we highly recommend you take your suit to a tailor to get it properly fitted after it arrives.


  • In-store tailoring
  • Great return policy 


  • Some name-brand suits can be expensive
BOSS Huge/Genius Slim Fit Microcheck Suit Courtesy of Nordstrom

9. Jos. A. Bank


Jos. A. Bank is a retailer that specializes in suiting, so the craftsmanship of their items is top tier. They have classic and traditional suit styles, perfect for men who work in professional settings and attend formal events. The clothing brand has an impressive catalog of finely tailored suits ready to wear off the rack, but they take orders for made-to-measure and custom suits too.


  • Allows you to rent suits and tuxedos, if you aren’t interested in buying one
  • Quality materials 


  • The styles of suits resemble one another
Jos. A. Bank 1905 Collection Tailored Fit Organica® Wool Plaid Suit Courtesy of Jos. A. Bank

10. Black Lapel


Black Lapel has been around for a decade, and the brand’s offerings come in at a similar price range as Bonobos and SuitSupply. They have slightly more classic and traditional offerings, which is why they’re one of the best places to buy suits online for weddings in particular. Black Lapel also has a robust wedding section, which makes it even easier to find the perfect sartorial solution for upcoming events.

Black Lapel is also laser-focused on tailoring — unlike SuitSupply and Bonobos, there aren’t any T-shirts, jeans or shorts (though they do have some men’s accessories). Similar to SuitSupply and Indochino, it’s easy to customize details like buttons, vents, lapels, pockets and lining color. Included pictures and descriptions make it easy to choose what you want, even if you’re not as familiar with the terminology.


  • Easy-to-use customization process for made-to-order suit options
  • Great return policy


  • Expensive
Black Lapel Marine Blue Linen Blend Suit Courtesy of Black Lapel

11. xSuit


xSuit isn’t like any of the other retailers on this list. This direct-to-consumer company doesn’t offer the range of styles that you can find at Bonobos and Indochino, nor the variety of brands you can shop at department stores like Nordstrom. So why is xSuit one of the best places to buy suits online? xSuit has designed one of the most flexible, lightweight and breathable men’s suits on the planet, and they have something of a cult following among guys who are tired of dressing in wool from head to toe.

The latest iteration of the xSuit is also machine washable, which is unheard of when shopping for men’s suits. The xSuit 3.0 is available in three colors and will only set you back $495, so if you’re looking for the best men’s suits under $500, you have to consider xSuit.


  • Lightweight and comfortable suits 
  • Reasonably priced 


  • They don’t have a variety of styles and colors to choose from when it comes to their suits
xsuit 3.0 Courtesy of xSuit

12. Mr. Porter


If you’re looking for luxury formal wear for men, Mr. Porter can hook you up with the designer suit of your dreams. From Tom Ford to Paul Smith, Mr. Porter has a ton of designer suits, including classic navy two-pieces as well as more out-there, high-fashion suits. These are off-the-rack designer suits, so you simply need to pick your size. The pieces are also generally sold separately, giving you more choices if you just need a jacket, pants or a whole suit.

You’ll definitely want to bring these suits to a tailor when you’re done, as there’s no point in spending $5,000 on a Tom Ford suit if it’s not going to fit you absolutely perfectly.


  • Great collection of designer suits 
  • Quality materials 
  • Pick out matching footwear, dress shirts and accessories


  • Expensive 
  • You’ll have to find a tailor if you want alterations to your suit
Zegna Midnight-Blue Slim-Fit Wool-Twill Suit Courtesy of Zegna

13. Macy’s


Do you need an off-the-rack suit at a reasonable price? Then Macy’s is worth a closer look, especially if you’re looking for a suit from a specific menswear brand.

Macy’s online shopping experience is not as smooth as digital-native retailers, and it’s also not as smooth as other traditional department stores like Nordstrom. That said, it has a great selection of well-known brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and DKNY. Macy’s wares, including their suits, often go on sale, making it a great shop for the budget-conscious guy who still wants a good suit.


  • Plenty of styles, colors and name-brand suits to choose from
  • Affordable prices 


  • You’ll have to find a tailor if you want alterations to your suit
Marc New York Modern-Fit Suits Courtesy of Macy's

How We Chose the Best Places To Buy Suits Online

SPY’s style writers and editors have worn suits and ordered clothing from all of the brands listed above, and we have extensive experience reviewing suits and men’s formalwear. From trying out the latest offerings from SuitSupply to testing out Rowing Blazer’s brand new made-to-order options, this is a product category we watch very closely.

When selecting the best places to buy suits online, we considered the following criteria:

  • Sizing Options and Accuracy: Does the brand have a wide range of sizes, and do the suits fit as expected?
  • Style and Selection: How many options do customers have? Does the brand offer a wide range of materials, fits and styles?
  • In-Person Options: Does the brand offer physical locations in addition to online ordering?
  • Delivery Timeline: How long does it take to receive your suit?
  • Customer Experience: Did we have a good experience with the brand overall? How helpful were the brand’s website and/or customer service?
  • Price: How does the price compare to the competition? Does the company offer a good value for the price?

When balancing all of these factors, we believe that Bonobos offers the best options for men who want to buy suits online. However, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, and we would recommend all of the companies in the guide above.