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Stylish Men’s Swim Briefs for Tanning Those Pasty Thighs

Tan lines? Not this year. This summer we’re letting it all show in our favorite men’s swim briefs. No more untanned thighs, guys.

You might be thinking: What are men’s swim briefs? That’s a solid question, considering swim briefs aren’t necessarily what the majority of people call this thigh-baring swimsuit. Familiar with Speedos? Well, swim briefs are Speedos. They’ve just become so synonymous with the brand that we’ve kind of forgotten the term “swim briefs.”

We know that men’s swim briefs can be a little more revealing than your beloved swim trunks, but they’re actually beneficial in the water, where their lightweight construction allows for a higher range of motion and generates less drag and resistance. But even non swimmers should try this cheeky swimsuit. 

Here’s Why You Should Try Swim Briefs This Summer

The only thing stopping you from being a part of the swim briefs gang is yourself. Yeah, it can be a little embarrassing in public for the first time, but honestly, you won’t be the only one wearing them. If you need to build up your courage, start off by wearing them to your backyard pool. Swim briefs can actually be fun to wear and allow you to score a perfect 10 in all the right areas. And despite their appearance, wearing a pair of swim briefs is more comfortable than you might think. 

Men’s swim briefs come in a multitude of fashions depending on what you’re looking to wear them for. Whether it be for sports, a day at the beach or laying poolside, here are the best men’s swim briefs to shop for summer.

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1. Speedo Solid Brief


As one of the most renowned brands on the planet, the classic Speedo is calling your name. It’s equally great for sports and lounging on the beach, and, most importantly, it’s built with an interior drawstring for extra security. Each pair is made of durable Endurance+ fabrics and includes UPF 50+ protection so your frank and beans won’t burn in the sun. This Speedo is complete with four-way stretch and shape retention, promising a perfect fit every time.

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Courtesy of Speedo


2. Nike Swim Brief


Nike has long been a fan favorite for sports attire, and this pair of men’s swim briefs is great for swimming laps in the pool or training for a game of water polo. They can handle copious amounts of chlorine without fading, plus they’re super durable and quite stretchy to help you move around. And these briefs are so comfortable, you might mistake them for a pair of your underwear.

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Courtesy of Nike


3. Calvin Klein Core Solids Swim Brief


When wearing men’s swim briefs, you want to make sure that you’re always comfortable. And these Calvin Klein swim briefs deliver. With recycled nylon and elastane blend materials, you can expect these briefs to go on stretchy and move with your body. These swim briefs hug the body in the best way to put your hard work at the gym on full display. You can pick up this swimwear in black, navy or deep crimson.

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Courtesy of Calvin Klein


4. CDLP Swim Briefs


Swim briefs can sometimes be a bit too restricting when it comes to the precious family jewels. Luckily, CDLP created a pair of swim briefs that are supportive without being overly tight. This green swimwear has a shaped pouch to keep your pickle in place and an exterior adjustable drawstring so you’ll never have to worry about it falling off after a quick dive. To top it off, these swim briefs are made primarily from Econyl, a fast-drying nylon fabric regenerated from ocean and landfill waste.

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Courtesy of CDLP


5. Zara Printed Swimsuit Slip


These beautifully patterned swim briefs will have you walking around the beach looking like a pure art piece. They have a form-fitting cut and an elastic waist to fit your body. Rock these babies out by the pool, on the beach or even to a quick water polo game with the guys.

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Courtesy of Zara


6. Panegy Swim Brief


Amazon has proven itself to be a go-to shopping destination for anything, so no surprise that the company sells its fair share of swim briefs. These navy briefs with lime green accents will keep you covered (yet uncovered) enough to enjoy a day at the beach or laps in the pool. They’re made with quick-dry fabric so you don’t stay uncomfortably wet when you get out of the water, and they’re topped with the classic elastic waistband. The swim briefs even come with a detachable sponge pad to prevent an embarrassing exposure of your manhood. 

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Jacquemus Le Slip de Bain


Get out of your comfort zone and sport these flower-printed men’s swim briefs from Jacquemus. They have a polyester and elastane construction, giving you the perfect amount of stretch. The swim briefs have a daisy print and feature an embroidered Jacquemus logo. You have the option of getting these in either blue or pink.

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Courtesy of Jacquemus


8. Arena Skys Brief Swimsuit


Whether you’re serious about swimming or just want to lounge by the pool, these Arena Skys swim briefs are perfect for you. They’re made from a high-performance fabric that won’t fade due to chlorine or sun exposure. They’re really stretchy, providing you a full range of motion, and dry quickly so you won’t be uncomfy outside the pool.

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Courtesy of SwimOutlet


9. Versace Greca Border Swim Briefs


These orange, gold-accented Versace swim briefs scream wealth, even if you’ve got just a few bucks left in your bank account. They’re extremely stylish and rep the classic Greek Versace pattern and Medusa logo. There’s no way you won’t be able to make these look good.

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Courtesy of Versace


10. ASOS DESIGN Swim Briefs


These retro swim briefs are going to be a head-turner for you this summer thanks to the fabric’s textured rib. With a form-fitting cut and featuring an elastic waist, these swim briefs ensure the perfect fit every time — and their low price may be the reason you need to try out a pair of swim briefs this summer.

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Courtesy of ASOS