Stylish Men’s Swim Briefs for Tanning Those Pasty Thighs

CDLP Swim Brief, Best Men's Swim
Courtesy of CDLP
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Tan lines? Not this year. This summer we’re letting it all show in our favorite men’s swim briefs. No more untanned thighs, guys.

You might be thinking: what are men’s swim briefs? That’s a solid question, considering swim briefs aren’t necessarily what the majority of people call this thigh-baring swimsuit. Familiar with Speedos? Well, swim briefs are Speedos. They have just become so synonymous with the brand that we’ve kind of forgotten the term “swim briefs” and call ’em “Speedos.” It’s kind of similar to how most of us call “lip balm” by “Chapstick” and “bandages” as “Band-Aids.” Yeah, those are brands, people.

With that being said, you probably never thought you’d rock a pair of swim briefs unless you swam in high school. We can already see your underwear draw filled to the brim with a couple of men’s bathing suit trunks scattered about. Swim briefs are sort of ill-fitting, wildly cheeky and completely exposed, but let’s keep it real — they’re kinda baller. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, we’re experimenting with fashion this summer after being locked inside our houses for a whole year, so there’s no better time than now to sport some swim briefs.

Men’s swim briefs come in a multitude of fashions depending on what you’re looking to wear them for. Whether it be for sports, fashion or an Instagram-worthy selfie with at least 100 likes promised, here are the best men’s swim briefs to shop before summer.

1. Speedo Swimsuit Brief Powerflex Eco Solar


There’s a reason we all call men’s swim briefs Speedos. Leading the pack as one of the most renowned brands on the planet, this bright blue Speedo is calling your name. It’s equally great for sports and lounging and is built to work as hard (or as little) as you do. Each pair is extremely durable and includes UV & UPF 50+ protection so your frank and beans won’t burn. This Speedo is complete with a hidden drawstring tie, promising a perfect fit every time.

Speedo Swimsuit Brief Powerflex Eco Solar, best men's swim briefs Courtesy of Amazon

Speedo Swimsuit Brief Powerflex Eco Solar



2. Arena Skys Brief Swimsuit


It should absolutely go without saying when we tell you that nobody looks bad in black. Not even your thighs that have never seen the light of day. Whether you’re serious about swimming or just want to lounge by the pool, these Arena swim briefs are perfect for you. It’s made from a high-performance fabric that is made for chlorine and won’t fade due to sun exposure. They’re really stretchy for full moveability and dry quickly so you won’t be uncomfy outside the pool.

Arena Skys Brief Swimsuit, best men's swim briefs Courtesy of Amazon

Arena Skys Brief Swimsuit



3. Hunk Amazonia Reversible Swim Briefs


These funky swim briefs are total head turners for more than one reason. They’ve got a wacky, rainforest pattern on one side and a sole red color on the other, so hop in the pool wearing one side and come out wearing the other. Friends will be totally confused. Each reversible pair is built with a sun guard so you don’t burn, a comfortable fit and are completely lightweight. Which side will you choose?

Amazonia Reversible Swim Briefs, best men's swim briefs Courtesy of Hunk

Hunk Amazonia Reversible Swim Briefs



4. Amazon Essentials Swim Brief


From smart house products to t-shirts to groceries, Amazon has a brand for just about everything at this point. So, don’t be so shocked that they’ve even got their own pair of Amazon Essentials swim briefs. These plain black briefs don’t have much to them visually, but they will keep you covered (yet uncovered) enough to enjoy a day at the beach or a couple of laps in the pool. They’re built with quick-dry fabric so you don’t have to stay uncomfortably wet when you get out of the water and they’re topped with the classic elastic waistband.

Amazon Essentials Swim Brief, best men's swim briefs Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon Essentials Swim Brief



5. Shein Color Block Swim Brief


Leave it to Shein to create a colorfully hip pair of men’s swim briefs at an affordable price. For just $8, you can strut your stuff in these color block swim briefs all summer long. With polyester and spandex materials, you can expect these briefs to go on very stretchy and move with your body as you need them to. Drip down in shades of red, orange, blue, white and navy. We’re sure you’ll be the best lookin’ dude at the pool party.

Shein Color Block Swim Brief Courtesy of Shein

Shein Color Block Swim Brief



6. Nike Swim Brief


From laps in the pool to water polo with your pals, these Nike swim briefs are a solid choice for vigorous, wet activity. These soft briefs feel close to underwear yet unlike your go-to tighty whities, these babies are made for the pool. They can handle copious amounts of chlorine, they’re super durable and quite stretchy to help you move around.

Nike Swim Brief Courtesy of Nike

Nike Swim Brief



7. ASOS DESIGN Swim Briefs


Who doesn’t love a fun floral pattern? These beautifully patterned briefs will have you dreaming about beach days for weeks. They have a form-fitting cut and an elastic waist to fit your body and are made mainly for pool parties and chilling by the ocean. So, no, we don’t suggest you play any sports in these.

ASOS DESIGN Swim Briefs Courtesy of ASOS




8. CDLP Swim Brief


Sometimes swim briefs can be a bit too restricting when it comes to the family jewels. Like, yeah, we don’t want a VPL but we also don’t want it to feel so tight that our dicks are essentially inverting back inside of our bodies. Lucky for you, these optic white swim briefs from CDLP have a shaped pouched to keep your pickle feeling loosey-goosey. There’s an exterior adjustable drawstring so you’ll never have to worry about these falling off after a quick dive. To top it all off, these swim briefs are made primarily from Econyl, a fast-drying nylon fabric regenerated from ocean and landfill waste.

CDLP Swim Brief Courtesy of CDLP

CDLP Swim Brief



9. ASOS DESIGN Metallic Swim Briefs

If your main goal is to stand out from the crowd at your next pool party, look no further, you’ve found your pair. These metallic pink swim briefs from ASOS are everything you’ll need to get the attention you’re craving by the poolside. Stay the life of the party we all know you are with that White Claw in hand as you sing along to Kim Petras songs on repeat since you took the aux over again. Essentially, these are built for fun in the sun.

ASOS DESIGN Metallic Swim Briefs Courtesy of ASOS

ASOS DESIGN Metallic Swim Briefs



10. Orlebar Brown Dachshund Drawcord


When you think of swim briefs, one continent likely comes to mind. Yup, Europe. While swim briefs aren’t as popular in the States as they are in the EU, we’re taking notes from our brothers across the pond — especially when it comes to Orlebar Brown’s Dachshund Drawcord swim briefs. These puppies are simply Euro-centric. Something about them screams beachside on the Amalfi Coast. Maybe it’s the Italian flag-esque drawcord? The tight construction? How great they’ll look on tanned skin? Who knows.

Orlebar Brown Dachshund Drawcord Courtesy of Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown Dachshund Drawcord



11. Versace Black Greca Border Swim Briefs


Stay golden, Ponyboy. These all-black, gold-accented Versace swim briefs scream wealth, even if you’ve got just a few bucks left in your bank account. They’re extremely stylish and rep the classic Greek Versace pattern and Medusa logo. There’s no way you won’t be able to make these look good.

Versace Black Greca Border Swim Briefs Courtesy of SSENSE

Versace Black Greca Border Swim Briefs



12. Gregg Homme Coast Swim Thong


Alright, hear us out — these swim briefs aren’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to showcase a little more than the average pair of swim briefs do, this swim thong is for you. This cheeky-as-hell pair of swim trunks are great for exposing it all and letting the sun tan where it normally never gets the chance to see. It’s surprisingly comfortable and is perfect for all-day wear, just be sure no one around you is a prude.

Gregg Homme Coast Swim Thong, best men's swim briefs Courtesy of Freshpair

Gregg Homme Coast Swim Thong



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