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9 Men’s Thongs to Keep You Sporty (Or Slutty)

Because it’s conventional for men to choose between boxers or briefs, many guys don’t consider men’s thongs as a suitable third option. But, style is changing. Thongs are making their way out of hot pink aisles in the local mall’s Victoria’s Secret and into men’s wardrobes—all thanks to gay men.

Unlike the elaborately seductive thong LGBTQ+ men have made popular in recent times via circuit parties and Instagram Stories (for good reason, they look fucking good) men’s thongs aren’t solely designed for looking sexy. In many cases, men might prefer wearing thongs to ease workouts, cover up that visual panty line (otherwise known as VPL) and, primarily, because men’s thongs are comfortable.

Do men’s thongs raise a question of masculinity? Yeah, they do. While men’s thongs have soared in popularity with queer men for decades, they aren’t necessarily gay. Advantages have led to all kinds of people adapting them into their wardrobes. Men’s underwear choices just haven’t had the same structural history as women’s underwear. According to Dr. Shaun Cole, author of The Story of Men’s Underwear, “Men were not really encouraged to think about [the style of underwear] because it fit the rhetoric that men shouldn’t have an overt interest in fashion or their appearance, and those who did were peculiar in some way.”

Embracing men’s thongs may boost confidence. It may make one more comfortable wearing those shorts to the gym or those tighter chinos in the office. They might just—can you believe it?—feel good.

2(X)IST Essential Cotton Y-Back Thong

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Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Stretch 3-Pack Thong

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Skull & Bones Dutch Floral Burnout Thong

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Best Low-Rise

Azcode T-Back Thong

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Safest Bet

Jockey FormFit Lightweight Seamfree Thong

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Best for Pride

Andrew Christian Pride Mesh Thong

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MeUndies Pouch Front Thong

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Arjen Kroos Men’s Sexy Thong

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Andrew Christian Chain Thong w/ Almost Naked

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What Experts Say

While lots of underwear brands aren’t outwardly marketing men’s thongs the same way they do their existing underwear, men’s underwear brands are still selling men’s thongs—and that’s a step in the right direction. Why are these brands even creating them without that extra promo? Well, in short, to give buyers the option.

“The coverage of a thong allows the fabric to sit very close to the male anatomy, and anchor under his anatomy to keep him in place,” says Steven Moomjian, Head of Design at Jockey. “He may find he adjusts himself less in a thong than he would in a different silhouette.”

A thong pouch is built with a different shape than other forms of men’s underwear, allowing for more flexibility and movement. Because of this, “there is no ‘ride up’ because the material is already as closely anchored to his body as it can be and should stay in place regardless of his movement,” Moomjian explains.

The primary reason thongs are even deemed feminine to begin with is because they solve a visual issue women have that men initially didn’t care about—VPL. “They are marketed as being both fashionable and sexy, as well as functional to not show under clothing,” Moomjian tells us. A decade ago, male sex appeal wasn’t as outwardly expressed as it is in modern times. Men care more about their looks now more than ever, creating a necessity for VPL-less looks and a personal sexual allure when the clothes come off.

Courtesy of 2(X)IST

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The best men’s thong is one that has the power to do it all. It’s sexy but performative. It’s useful in day-to-day scenarios as much as it is in sexuation situations. It has an allure in the bedroom with normalcy needed in the gym locker room. This thong 3-pack from 2(X)IST hits all the boxes while keeping that affordable price point.
At $7.50 a thong, these 100% pure cotton cheeky briefs are designed to fit comfortably on men ranging from size small to XL. They have a mid-rise sit on the waist, similar to most pairs of boxer briefs, boxers or briefs. Buyers can also expect a contoured pouch to hold all-sized shlongs comfortably without slippage.
Because the thong is backed with a “Y” design, it does have a sultrier look than other thongs on the market. No matter how normalized we want them in society, they’re going to be sexy no matter which gender is wearing them. Partners will eat it up in the bedroom. Gym-goers won’t give a shit in the locker room. Most importantly, all assets will sit comfortably.

Courtesy of Calvin Klein

$38.00 $47.50 20% off

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Why It Stands Out: Calvin Klein has been up to some gender-fuckery in recent years, no longer shying away from the belief that underwear is made for, well, all kinds of people. Hence why men’s thongs now exist in the growing world of all things #MyCalvins.
Made For: Calvin Klein men’s thongs are made for the kind of guy that’s a little skeptical to throw a thong on. The Calvin waistline is as thick as it might be on a pair of briefs. That said, any bending-over reveal will label the name. Nothing too eccentric. Nothing one would have to explain. It’s a cotton construction Calvin-wearers are also familiar with already, so it won’t take much getting used to.
Is It Sexy?: It’s Calvin Klein. Everything Calvin Klein is sexy.
Is It Sporty?: Though it doesn’t have any moisture-wicking qualities one might expect in a pair of workout undies, it has a contoured pouch to keep the jimmies where they should be. Therefore, this is a pretty solid option to wear at the gym.
Hot Take: Like 2(X)IST, this is a 3-pack. It will cost a bit more money, but it’s Calvin. Calvin deserves the extra few quarters.

Courtesy of Skull & Bones
best sheer

Why It Stands Out: Time to get just a little bit sexier. Skull & Bones specializes in sexy men’s underwear that looks good and fits right. Something that sets the Dutch Floral Burnout aside from the majority of men’s thongs? It hides a lot less. Yeah, the cheeks are on full display, but so is, well, everything else. With its covered floral pattern, sheer fabric is used to detail every inch of the dude downstairs. Simply because Skull & Bones can.
Made For: Show-offs. Risque types. The kind of guy that wears a suit in the office and gets off on knowing that, underneath, he’s dressed tremendously unprofessional. It’s for the kind of guy that doesn’t fear bearing all when the time comes.
Is It Sexy?: Don’t ask stupid questions.
Is It Sporty?: Probably not. It’s hard to imagine this one doing well in a 3-mile run. It would probably do relatively decent in the men’s locker room at Equinox Hudson Yards, though.
Hot Take: This is a no-second-thought kind of buy. Pull the trigger, put it on, never think twice about it. It’s a valid purchase.

Courtesy of Amazon
Best Low-Rise

Why It Stands Out: An ultra-thin waistline and a T-shaped G-string hitting below the waist throws this one into the realm of super slutty. Which is exactly why it’s a must-buy.
Made For: Show-offs and go-go dancers, without a doubt.
Is It Sexy?: Super.
Is It Sporty?: Not really. Not sure what kind of sports one would play in this.
Hot Take: There are a number of colors to choose from here, ideal for matching a skanky little cropped jersey buyers have been saving for Underwear Night on Fire Island this summer.

Courtesy of Jockey
Safest Bet

Why It Stands Out: Like Calvin, Jockey is a brand that’s synonymous with men’s underwear. It’s classic. Trusted. Entirely gimmick-free. Jockey makes some of the most affordable, supportive men’s underwear on the market. Plus, that brand name and waistband make this pair extra discrete.
Made For: These are built for comfort and discretion. The waistband is extra thick for a question-free bend over. Zero cheeks on display. Any dude that desires a VPL-free wear and a tremendous sense of comfort, Jockey is the move.
Is It Sexy?: Compared to most men’s thongs on the market, not necessarily. Sure, it’s cheeky, but it’s bulky. It doesn’t have that same-sex appeal people looking for lingerie-type thongs might be looking for. This is more made for working out and no panty lines.
Is It Sporty?: It’s seam-free, tag-free and supportive. Yes, it’s sporty.
Hot Take: Whoever said men’s thongs can’t be masculine has never shopped for thongs at Jockey. And it shows.

Courtesy of Freshpair
Best for Pride

Why It Stands Out: Men’s thongs of any style are a safe bet for Pride, but specifically, this one from queer underwear brand Andrew Christian stands out because it’s coated in rainbows. Ideal for wearing beneath booty shorts during Pride season.
Made For: LGBTQ+ folks that want to show a little more self-love in their underwear.
Is It Sexy?: Pride is sexy. Yes, it’s sexy.
Is It Sporty?: With four-way stretch mesh fabric, surprisingly yes, it’s very sporty.
Hot Take: Pair this with a crop top so the waistband can stick out. Every gay knows the name “Andrew Christian”. It’s a surefire way to get some attention.

Courtesy of MeUndies
best sizing

Why It Stands Out: Men’s thongs should be designed with the intention to be worn by anyone. All men should have the accessibility of wearing a thong if they choose to. That said, not all companies selling men’s thongs agree with that. Most sizes cap out at XL. What sets MeUndies aside from others is sizing available up to 4XL. Oh, and that the brand offers a monthly underwear subscription service if desired.
Made For: MeUndies truly makes men’s thongs for everyone. The brand is incredibly inclusive. It’s reserved just as much as it is funky. Shop styles in deep black to a vivacious red to purple with eggplants to blue with alien spaceships.
Is It Sexy?: Absolutely. Plus, there’s an element of fun involved. Sexy and fun? Can’t get better.
Is It Sporty?: Yes. These thongs are made with a roll-free elastic waistband, no VPL, a lined pouch and a soft 92% MicroModal, 8% elastane construction.
Hot Take: Take advantage of those kooky patterns. There aren’t too many brands that offer eclectically-patterned men’s thongs.

Courtesy of Amazon
best swimsuit

Why It Stands Out: Unlike the rest of the thongs detailed here, this affordable thong from Amazon is built for soaking up the sun. For those interested in an even tinier swim brief at the beach this summer, this ultra-stretchy option will bare every bit of your backside for sun-tanned cheeks.
Made For: Like the Dutch Floral Burnout, this one is designed with show-offs in mind. It takes a courageous kind of guy to go full suns-out-buns-out at the beach. Attention-seekers should already have this in their Amazon carts. Summer is just around the corner.
Is It Sexy?: Duh.
Is It Sporty?: While yes isn’t the right answer, neither is no. Maybe? Just don’t go pointing fingers if there’s a tip slip mid-beach volleyball game.
Hot Take: Unlike the rest of these thongs, this one isn’t built to be hidden. It’s not made for bedrooms. It’s not made for running in the gym. This is one that’s designed for a full-on display. Shameless types. Don’t even bother buying it if it’s just going to collect dust in the underwear drawer.

Courtesy of Freshpair
most bold

$23.25 $31.00 25% off

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Why It Stands Out: Come on. Really? Take a damn gander. This is unlike every other thong, on like, the planet. Not only is she iconic but she’s slutty as hell.
Made For: Sex parties, Grindr hookups and Gay Twitter.
Is It Sexy?: Yes.
Is It Sporty?: Absolutely not.
Hot Take: Once it’s on, it probably won’t stay on for long.