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Money Man: 6 Wallets to Upgrade Your Daily Carry

* Nintendo-style for 80s gamers
* A card/cash case crafted from real wood 
* A wallet that charges your phone

Every guy needs a way to keep his cards and cash organized. Instead of being basic, choose a wallet that’s as unique as you are. From fanboy favorites to mutli-function money clips and even a USB-capable bi-fold, here are six unique wallets for the modern man. 

1. Nintendo Classic Controller Wallet

A game lover’s dream, this classic Nintendo wallet is designed to resemble a remote control. It has a tough exterior with staying power. This conversation starter is sure to delight the Millennial on your shopping list.


2. Batman Money Clip

The money clip you deserve and the money clip you need! Inspired by the hugely successful Dark Knight film series, this folding ‘baterang’ money clip is made from die-cast metal and is a must for any true Batman fan.


3. Swiss Army Money Clip

A money clip for every possible outcome. This Swiss Army money clip features a knife, scissors and a nail file. Perfect for emergency surgery or a chipped nail nightmare, this ready-to-go tool has everything you need.


4. Slim Timber Wood Wallet

Capable of holding up to 8 credit or ID cards, this stunning wallet has been individually handcrafted from a single piece of wood. Its tough exterior allows it to withstand all day-to-day trials while looking sleek and fashionable.

[caption id="attachment_2314" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Wood Wallet Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


5. Jack Spade Men’s Embossed Anchor ID Wallet

Made from imported leather and sporting a beautiful anchor design with a tattoo-inspired lining, this stylish Jack Spade ID wallet is sure to be well received.


6. Nomad Bi-Fold Horween Leather Charging Wallet

Forget those ‘low battery’ nightmares. Instead, buy this wallet with an in-built phone charger. Cleverly hidden in the spine of the classic leather design, this pocket sized wallet will be there for you whenever needed.

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