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10 Waterproof Boots to Keep Your Feet Completely Dry

Out of all the regular weather cycles we deal with, rain is easily the most annoying natural occurrence. Rain is critically important to our ecosystem, don’t get us wrong, but having to navigate it while you’re out and about running errands is a drag. Rain gear is, believe it or not, really important. And that extends all the way down to your feet as well.

You might be familiar with rain boots; the giant rubber boots of the 90s have come a long way now and are far, far more stylish than you may remember. Sleek and even stylish, they’re capable of seamlessly pairing alongside your day-to-day outfits without sticking out like a sore thumb.

No matter your preference, if you need protection from the rain, these are the 10 best waterproof boots to wear while dodging those raindrops — our selects, below.


1. Baxter Wood White Sole Hevea Waterproof Boots

The thing about waterproof shoes is that you’ll sometimes want to wear them just in the rain and then switch once you’re on dry land (so to speak.) A Chelsea-boot style waterproof shoe, like this two-toned option from Baxter Wood, is made from rubber to provide solid protection from shallow puddles while also ensuring your feet stay dry. The Chelsea-style opening makes them easy to slide on and off at the door. And the tractioned sole makes it, so you have plenty of grip and won’t slip and slide all over the place.

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Baxter Wood


2. Hoka One One Kaha Gore-Tex Waterproof Boots

Hoka One One might have a funny name, but their products’ quality and performance are no joke. These Kaha boots are completely waterproof thanks to their Gore-Tex construction, allowing you to travel through any weather conditions with ease. Supportive, while also being extremely lightweight, they’re also just a cool-looking boot that will look just as great with jeans as they do with hiking pants.

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Hoka One One


3. Columbia SH/FT OutDry Waterproof Sneaker Boot

If a boot isn’t your style, or you’re just looking for something really comfortable, Columbia’s SH/FT OutDry waterproof sneaker boot will absolutely get the job done. Snug without being overly so, cushioned for all-day wear with grippy outsoles, it’s the perfect combination of everything you’d want from a boot and a sneaker, mashed up into one. The 100% waterproof outer ensures you can get them wet and not worry. Oh, and they look really cool.

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4. Kamik Forester Waterproof Boot

If you live in a place where it rains a lot or want to really ensure a greater level of leg coverage, Kamik’s Forest waterproof boots hit right around the mid-calf area. The entire rubber construction provides great protection and comfort, while the lugged sole makes each step you take is safe and secure. Plus, the top of the boot can be cinched down to make it so no rain ever comes close to your feet.

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5. On Running Cloudrock Waterproof Boot

On Running’s selection of products includes more than just running shoes, as evidenced by this extremely technical boot. The Cloudrocks have a special rubberized lug sole that’s meant to provide a better grip during trail running but is more than suitable for nasty weather. Thanks to some special tech the brand has incorporated, the Cloudrock’s laces can be tied as normal or with a single motion. And, thankfully, the durable two-layer outer is both wind and waterproof, without losing any element of breathability.

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On Running


6. Wolverine Hellcat Ultraspring Waterproof Boot

Looking for a waterproof boot that’s also rugged as hell? Wolverine has made quite the name for themselves by crafting boots capable of withstanding pretty much anything that can come your way, and these Hellcat Ultraspring waterproof boots are no exception. What we love in particular about the Hellcats is their ultra-spring technology that provides an excellent cushion while also energizing every one of your steps.

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7. Saloman X Raise Waterproof Boot

We’ve written a little bit about the rise of outdoor gear into the world of men’s fashion, and one of the primary brands responsible for that is Saloman. Their products straddle the line between popular and quality extremely well, exemplified by the X Raise waterproof boot. The X Raise is crafted to provide a stable, comfortable and protective fit while looking a lot like a traditional high-top sneaker, albeit one that’s more than capable of keeping your feet dry during a rain shower.

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8. Arc’Teryx Acrux TR Waterproof Boots

Another technical hiking boot, the Acrux TR waterproof boot from Arc’Teryx (AKAthe dead bird), provides support and comfort whether you’re on the trail or around town, thanks to its strong construction. The outsole is made from Vibram for a top-of-the-line gripped feel that won’t slip during really wet conditions. Additionally, the Gore-Tex included in the boot provides complete waterproof protection. Oh, and the all-black colorway will pair well with any outfit.

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9. Swims Charlie Waterproof Boot

Another Chelsea-style waterproof boot, the Swims Charlie rain boot pops in such a unique way, thanks to its color-blocked design. The contrasting upper and sole are accented by an extremely cool orange pull tab. Made from vulcanized rubber, the boot is comfortable and provides great traction thanks to its anti-slip grip sole.

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10. L.L. Bean Bean Boot Waterproof Boot

We love L.L.Bean’s Bean duck boot because it’s a classic bit of American design that continues to be popular year after year after year. Why? It’s just such a well-made boot that can be used in pretty much every single situation. This particular version is lined with Thinsulate for more winter-ready use, but you can get a version without it, if that’s your preference. The rubber bottom provides safe traction, and the Gore-Tex outer construction keeps your feet totally dry.

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L.L. Bean