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These Waterproof Wool Sorels Give Snow and Cold The Boot

* Waterproof construction to endure heavy snow and sub-zero temps
* Stay warm and stylish with cozy “Sherpa” lining
* AeroTrac grips keeps you standing steady in slippery conditions

Need a pair of great looking, durable, waterproof winter boots that you can take anywhere? Sorel’s “Caribou” Wool Boot could be what you need. Take these boots from a blinding snowstorm to après ski and even to a fashion-forward event like the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. With it’s “nocturnal” black colorway, full-grain leather upper, vulcanized rubber shell and “Sherpa Pile” lining, the Men’s Caribou Wool Boot combines classic rugged outdoorsman style with Sorel’s trademark hand-crafted construction, keeping you comfortable, warm and dry.

Rated for conditions up to -40 degrees, Sorel’s weatherproof system keeps snow and ice out by combining seam-sealed, waterproof leather and rubber outers with rustproof hardware and snow-shedding rubber soles equipped with AeroTrac for stability. A knit wool inner boot protects your feet from the cold. There’s also a bonded felt frost plug that increases the thermal barrier between you and the freezing ground.

Canadian company Sorel has been making boots with expert craftsmanship since 1962, combining premium materials – including felt, wool and full-grain leather – with weather-conscious construction.

The Men’s Caribou Wool Boot has been the boot of choice for a variety of snow lovers everywhere, from ski lift operators to winter hikers and vacationers. They are the ultimate foot covering to slip into, whether you’re cabin hopping at Sundance or trekking home when a storm is headed your way.

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