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I Spy: Met Gala 2023 Looks You Can Buy Right Now

Now that the festivities have ended and the stars are all carefully unzipping their ludicrously expensive gowns they’ll never wear again—apart from Jared Leto, who already had that Choupette costume and this year’s theme was just a coincidence—the time has come for us common folk to pick the parts of last night’s looks that should bleed into actual fashion. There was a lot to take in last night, but so much of it is already available online to get the same style as your favorite celebrity yourself.

Jeremy Strong

Courtesy of Michael Buckner/Variety & J.Crew

$53.50 $89.50 40% off

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Kendall Roy makes some questionable choices with that flight jacket, but the real-life Jeremy Strong is nailing his style of late. This creamy green shirt is like mint-chip ice cream colored and perfect to ease summer color ways into your still-chilly wardrobe with an earth toned brown overcoat. Make sure to buy in breathable fabrics like this linen option though to avoid sweat stains as the sun comes out.

Ke Huy Quan

Courtesy of Christopher Polk/WWD & Bloomingdales

$253.00 $316.25 20% off

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Quan’s jacket is from Dior, but the pinstripe look can be done at a range of prices. If you’re not willing to drop thousands onto a very specific suit like this, try going for this lower-cost option from The Kooples. It’s got just as much style packed into it without the gut punch to your wallet.

Pedro Pascal

Courtesy of Christopher Polk/WWD & Lyst

$324.00 $1077.00 70% off

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It’s giving, “bodega run, but make it fashion” energy. Pascal makes the case for big, bold, bright red garments here. This is the Met Gala, so it doesn’t count, but generally speaking, you get one big loud thing. This big red coat is a very good use case for that, FYI.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X at the Met Gala
Courtesy of Lexie Moreland/WWD & Spirit Halloween


I don’t know what real-world option this might apply to, but it’s somehow the most expensive look on the carpet and least expensive look to get from this list. Best of luck in applying it…maybe do it outside.

Bradley Cooper

Courtesy of Christopher Polk/WWD & Bergdorf Goodman


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Sometimes, all you really should do is keep it classic. In a room full of actual glitter cats, wearing a well made tuxedo is the best thing you can do to stand out. Cooper’s is from Tom Ford, and is worth spending some extra money on a very important suit that gets repeat use.

A$AP Rocky

Courtesy of Lexie Moreland/WWD & Tartanista


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Can you pull off a kilt? I suppose there is only one way to find out. For what it’s worth, kudos to ASAP for fashioning up jeans enough to get away with it at the Met Gala. He looked great and was the most comfortable of the evening we’d imagine.

Nick Jonas

Courtesy of Christopher Polk/WWD & Wilsons Leather

$295.00 $325.00 9% off

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This blazer says, “I like leather,” but also, “I have church in the morning.” Do you want to look like a charming but boyish hitman? This is the jacket for you. Don’t go all fashion head on us and buy from a designer label though, source it from the original leather dealers at Wilson’s.

Pete Davidson

Courtesy of Christopher Polk/WWD & FENDI


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Let the summer of the bucket hat begin, Baby! Pete Davidson’s pick here speaks to a trend we’re very much ready to get behind. Open up your bucket hat collection and get them ready for the summer season in an array of colors. This one from Fendi is a great fashion forward option to start with.

Remi Malek

Courtesy of Christopher Polk/WWD & Cartier


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Malek has always had a great sense of modern, minimalist style, but this Cartier tank with a black face is our favorite watch of the night. Is it hard to look at it and immediately get the time? Sure, but that’s what phones are for.

Jared Leto

Courtesy of Christopher Polk/WWD & Petfinder

Local furry Jared Leto may have gone full cat here with this costume version of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette, but you could just adopt a smaller, far more manageable version than Jared Leto from your local shelter. Here’s a link to Steven, a Persian cat looking for a home.