This Metallic Wallet Is All Scratched Up and We Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way

metallic leather wallet
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* Retro metallic silver design
* Complete with six interior credit card slots
* Made in Italy with leather lining 

Nothing is more crucial than having a durable, stylish wallet to use on an everyday basis. When it comes to high-quality leather goods, Maison Margiela is no stranger to creating the most incredible accessories. This scratched metallic wallet is a perfect, unique piece to add to your attire to help exude a polished, upscale style.

Made with a metallic leather on the outside and leather lining on the inside, this wallet is both sophisticated and trendy. The silver color and scratched designs create a retro, on-trend look for this everyday accessory. As fashionable as it is useful, this wallet comes complete with six inside credit card slots — all cut in Margiela’s signature slanted design. Whether you’re filling those slots with credit cards, or a bunch of coffee stamp cards from your local cafe, this durable wallet won’t let you down. At 4.25” x 3.5,” this wallet is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around anything too bulky or cumbersome.

Maison Margiela Metallic Leather Wallet


The wallet’s eclectic, cool design gives off a rocker vibe with a bit of elevated class. The intentional scratching makes it a little rebellious and lets you really wear it in without worrying about damage. The natural leather interior will also patina beautifully the more you use it.

Maison Margiela is known for its fine leather goods as well as incredibly constructed ready-to-wear. The Parisian brand introduces this metallic wallet as a radical, inventive way to redesign the traditional menswear piece. Grab this creative, gorgeous leather piece now to add versatility and elegance to your accessories drawer.

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