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The MeUndies x Toy Story Collection Is Celebrating Your Childhood Through Undies & Socks

Gifting the best underwear and socks this Christmas? We’re sure you are. Both are staples to Christmas, making some of the best stocking stuffers of all time. This year, ditch the boring, solid-colored undies and go for something a little more eclectic and nostalgic. Perfect timing, because MeUndies has just collaborated with Disney Pixar’s Toy Story to create the socks and undies we’re throwing under the tree this year.

Today, December 6, MeUndies and Disney Pixar’s Toy Story have collaborated to release a couple of comfort staples that are bringing us back in time. Memories are flowing back in from our very first times watching our favorite Pixar flick through sustainable undies, loungewear, socks and more.

Courtesy of MeUndies

With this drop, MeUndies is releasing Toy Story-centric looks in two different patterns that feature Woody, Jessie and, of course, a slew of Little Green Men. Yep, picking these undies out from your dresser will most certainly make it feel like you’re The Claw.

We’ve tested MeUndies ourselves and can absolutely attest to the fact that they are darn comfortable. Like, comfort is hard to match with these puppies. Not only will you look great in patterns with some of the world’s most beloved Disney characters, but you’ll feel great, too.

Courtesy of MeUndies

As previously mentioned, these patterns are available in a number of different styles. Undies, loungewear, the like. That means you can snag yourself cute undies to match your sweats to match your shirt to match your socks. Toy Story everything. Ideal for any and all Disney lovers out there.

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to get some shopping done. Snag some styles from this collaboration now and make this holiday the most Disney-centric yet.