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Miansai’s Rugged, Nautical-Inspired Bracelet Will Elevate Any Summer Outfit

* Miansai offers wearable, elegant bracelet that upgrades any style
* Made of military-grade rope and silver
* Continues Miansai’s mission to offer affordable, masculine men’s jewelry

Men’s jewelry has seen a huge resurgence lately, but picking a versatile, classic piece can be a challenge. This Miansai bracelet is a great option for guys looking for something subtle that works with any outfit. Plus, the nautical-inspired look lends itself especially well to summer outfits and lifestyle.

The wrapped bracelet is made of military-grade rope, and held together with an elegant silver-plated hook engraved with the Miansai logo. It features an adjustable knot to fit any size wrist, and it’ll stay on even while swimming in the surf.

Miansai has exploded globally in the past decade as a leading men’s jewelry brand. It’s the first brand to offer masculine, handmade, utility-inspired designs at a very reasonable price. The founder, Michael Saiger, created the brand because he wanted to start wearing jewelry, but couldn’t find anything that suited his taste and wouldn’t break the bank. Upon creating the brand, Sager unknowingly tapped into a massive market of men looking for stylish, simple jewelry that would elevate their look in a casual, inexpensive way. This bracelet epitomizes what Saiger set out to deliver, and offers the quality of a brand that has honed their craft over the years.

This bracelet is something that will upgrade any outfit you pair it with, but we suggest trying it with shorts, a preppy button-up, and clean white sneakers for a classic, rugged summer look.

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