Wristwear as Unique as You: The Michael Kors Goldtone Pave Watch

michael kors watch

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* Stunning golden stainless steel design from Michael Kors
* Numberless watch face with paved dial sporting three moving hands
* Includes easy push-clasp for fastening 

A timepiece fit for the classiest of wrists, the Kinley Goldtone Stainless Steel Pave Watch is the newest addition to Michael Kors’ popular line of watches and accessories. Take a closer look at this one – it oozes luxury and class.

Sporting a lavish gold-tone stainless steel setting, this mid-size watch is a step up – and a step away – from your standard Michael Kors ladies watch. This piece of jewelry features a unique and eye-catching watch face, beset with hundreds of diamond-like mineral crystals.

The exterior is most noticeable because of the lack of numbers around the dial. Three golden hands provide time readings to the second, and the push-clasp fastening mechanism on the wrist strap makes putting this piece on a quick and easy affair.

Its durable quality and sealed, weather-proof design also make this watch capable of enduring water submersion of up to 5 ATM. Don’t let the elegance fool you; this is clearly a watch built to withstand daily use.

Whether you need a new watch worthy of the finest evening events, or you just need an attractive timepiece for casual wear, this Michael Kors watch effortlessly fulfills all requirements. It’s a beauty.

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