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The Mini Grapefruit Tie Adds Zest to Any Business Outfit

* 100 percent silk tie
* Unique mini grapefruit pattern
* Rich navy blue base tone pairs easily with all shirts

A subtle variation on a much-loved series, the Mini Grapefruit tie by Paul Smith is an understated accent piece that adds zest to any outfit. Great for casual and social engagements but formal enough to wear to business events and meetings, the Mini Grapefruit tie is a great example of why Paul Smith’s designs have maintained their lasting international appeal. This 100 percent silk tie features a print of mini grapefruit halves against a backdrop of soft, rich navy blue.

The cloudy, night-at-sea tone of the tie’s base color is the ideal complement to the vibrant hues and sharp detailing of the mini grapefruit print, allowing this tie to stand out while still maintaining the utmost composure.

The Mini Grapefruit tie has some serious aesthetic thought behind it, yet doesn’t take itself too seriously. Like many of the best Paul Smith pieces, it matches confident skill with an enormous, yet gentle irony and creates an impression that is both superbly competent and playful at the same time.

Made from the highest-quality silk, this Paul Smith tie should prove extremely durable and long-lasting as well. It works well not only to set off a white shirt, but as a subtle accent piece against darker colored shirt fabrics as well. It even works to generate a striking contrast when worn with lighter-toned blazers and suits.

Worn with a seersucker summer suit, for example, the Mini Grapefruit tie provides a bit of color and deepens the overall impression of the outfit. It goes without saying that the Mini Grapefruit tie also goes very well with shirts and blazers by Paul Smith as nearly all of the designers’ pieces work together well.

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