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A Little Backpack. A Lot of Style.

* Little design details pack a big punch
* Crafted in mix of smooth and pebbled leather
* Iconic backpack now in a cool spring shade

Our resolution for 2017: to carry less stuff without sacrificing style. Our answer to this daily dilemma is Karen Walker’s iconic mini leather backpack, now in the palest shade of robin’s egg blue.

We’ve been fans of the New Zealand-born designer since spotting one of her sunglasses at one of our favorite stores in the world: Liberty of London. It’s easy to see why Walker is so beloved around the world, with her unique design sensibility that cleverly plays with cultural subtext, juxtaposing luxe and street, masculine and feminine, folk and utility. Celebrity fans include Alexa Chung, Lorde, Rihanna, Florence Welch and Lena Dunham.

Her Arrow Mini Backpack is a microcosm of what the designer does so well. It’s petite in scale (11-inches x 11-inches x 5-inches) yet packs quite a style punch — we love the arrow front strap, contrast color black lining and the inspired mix of smooth and pebbled leathers. Side snaps let you gather the material in on the sides for a more streamlined look. The little dyed-to-match bun feet protect your bag when you put it down. And the three interior pockets will keep your phone, lipstick, wallet and other essentials organized.

But mostly we love the color. This pale shade of blue is one of nature’s most calm and serene colors. It also is cheerful, like a shot of spring in the midst of a cold winter.

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