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Make it Rain With “Art Teacher” Earrings

* Handmade in Los Angeles
* Sterling silver earrings
* Butterfly fastening for pierced ears

Get your hands on one of Spring ’17’s hottest jewelry trends — it’s what The EDIT calls “art teacher” jewelry: pieces that boast long shapes as though they’ve been crafted by artisans, yet manage to capture both minimal and maximal aesthetics. One such accessory is from up-and-coming Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, Annie Costello Brown and her gorgeous Mini Rain Sterling Silver Earrings.

Each piece is hand-assembled by Annie Costello Brown (or ACB) from sterling silver, and hammered for that edgy worn look. Then, they’re strung with three rows of her signature geometric shapes that gently dangle above your shoulders when you wear them. It’s the captivating design that’s gained attention from elite fashion crowds, at once minimalist yet bold and eccentric — just the way ACB wants it.

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Costello Brown has seen a surge of followers yet she’s happy being out of the spotlight and refuses to work with big investors and large retailers. All she wants to do is create, by hand, elegant geometric pieces made from precious metals crafted in gold, silver and brass. Beautifully captured in her Mini Rain Earrings along with her other fine jewelry, she’s influenced by a bohemian mix of artists, artisans and creatives.

The simple yet statement-making earrings are 4″ long and 1 1/4″ wide with a sterling silver butterfly fastening for pierced ears. It’s a gorgeous addition to any outfit from upscale to casual and is sure to garner plenty of attention and compliments no matter where you rock this unique piece.

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