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Mizzen & Main Makes Comfortable Men’s Dress Shirts to Keep You Sweat-Free at the Office All Day Long

If you’re a guy who rocks a button-up most days at the office, you’ve got to check out Mizzen & Main. This men’s apparel brand makes comfortable, durable and flexible formal wear and business casual attire for modern men on the move.

Truly, is there anything worse than a sweltering summer day and arriving at the office, pit-stained and sweating in a starchy button down with no give? No thanks. The founder of this company decided enough was enough one particularly sticky summer day in Washington, D.C.

But no matter the weather, men want their clothes to be sweat-wicking, breathable and comfortable. That’s why Mizzen & Main created their signature performance dress shirt using Leeward fabric that’s lightweight, crisp and cool to the touch (it’s true… I’ve touched it). All of their shirts have four-way stretch, are wrinkle resistant (so throw the shirt in your gym bag for a quick change after a morning lift), machine washable and moisture wicking.

That’s right, we said machine washable. That means no trips to the dry cleaners every other week. Hallelujah.

This company’s got a whole line of office-friendly clothing, but they’re known for their dress shirts. Mizzen & Main has button-ups for every occasion.

Are you a CFO making an important hand-gesture-heavy presentation to the whole company? This shirt’s got you.

Making a speech at your brother’s wedding and need a pit-stain-proof formal look? They’ve got that.

Weekend at a beach house and need a casual look for the local dock restaurant? Yup, that too.

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Here are some of our favorite Mizzen + Maine looks to get you started.


Mizzen & Main Leeward Long Sleeve

This is their go-to shirt for any business occasion, made with their signature Leeward fabric. It’s moisture-wicking, lightweight and clean to give you a look that’s cool to the touch (and pretty cool to look at). Rest assured knowing no matter the length of the to-do list, or number of strong words in your boss’s email — this shirt will help you stay calm, comfortable and collected.

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Courtesy of Mizzen & Main[/caption]


Mizzen & Main Leeward Blue Label

This shirt is made with the same Leeward fabric, with a touch of formal mixed in. It’s the same lightweight, comfortable fabric but has been elevated for your fancier affairs. Throw on a tie and a suit and you might look all buttoned-up on the outside, but you’ll stay comfortable on the inside. This shirt comes with a point collar to hold that killer tie look in place, convertible cuff for links or a folded look, and set-on placket.

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Courtesy of Mizzen & Main[/caption]


Mizzen & Main Leeward Short Sleeve

If you’re looking for a more business casual look, this brand also makes short sleeve shirts. These shirts have the same Leeward fabric so you’ll be even more relaxed in this chill, machine washable and stain resistant look. This design also comes in a variety of fun, weekend-friendly designs so you’ll stand out in the crowd no matter where you are.

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Courtesy of Mizzen & Main[/caption]


These shirts aren’t just comfortable, flexible and made with men in mind — they also feature light colors and handsome prints to keep you looking sharp. You sacrifice no style and won’t look less formal. Finally, you can actually move in your work clothes.

These shirts are truly a modern male working uniform designed to give you what you need to focus on the task at hand, rather than your stiff collar and too tight dress shirts. Get back to work and sweat it out knowing you’re totally covered.