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We’re Obsessed With These Mock Neck Sweaters & Shirts for Spring

Mock neck sweaters for men are back! Once upon a time, they were an essential piece of apparel for every movie and TV spy (Bond, Secret Agent Man, I SPY). After the 60s, mock neck sweaters and tees went into hibernation until, inexplicably, they were resurrected by the grunge and rave culture of the 90s. Now, they’re back again to add a bit of sophisticated je ne sais quoi coolness to your style.

Here at Spy, we love men’s sweaters and comfy t-shirts, and we’re always on the lookout for the latest styles and trends. Right now, you can find stylish mock neck sweaters for men, mock neck long sleeve tees and mock neck athleisure wear in every color, print and stripey combination. You can find one from Tom Ford for $1,340 or Stefano Ricci for $3,000, but we’re not going there today — at least not while the government still owes us $2,000.

What we’ve done instead is hunt down reasonably priced and easy-to-wear (natch) mock necks that will seamlessly blend in with your favorite joggers, jeans and whatnots. We’re a big fan of whatnots, and the mock necks here can be layered under or over and worn pretty much all year long.

Check out our selection and find the best mock neck sweaters and shirts that will work for your spring style.


1. L.L. Bean Carefree Unshrinkable Mock Neck Shirt


More than likely your grandad and your dad wore L.L. Bean. They’re the go-to brand for guys who want clothing to last a couple of generations and continue to fit well. This is a well-priced mock neck shirt that will work this season and ten seasons from now. Made from soft cotton jersey, this shirt won’t shrink, stain, pill, or fade.

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Courtesy of L.L. Bean

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2. Polo Ralph Lauren Quilted Pullover


Ralph Lauren effortlessly captures the quintessential heart of American style, then refines it and brings it to another level. Urbane and bucolic at the same time, he crafts clothing for who we are, and who we want to be. His quilted mock neck pullover has a touch of landed gentry with the quilted body effect, while the silhouette and neckline is All-American athleticism. Made with four-way stretch, the mock neck snaps open and close. It can be worn in place of a sweater over a shirt, or as a shirt.

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Courtesy of Bloomingdale's


3. Bonobos Daily Grind Reversible Fleece Pullover


Bonobos mock neck pullover is like getting two tops for the price of one. Speaking of prices, the half-zip fleece pullover is reduced from $118. One side of the mock neck pullover is a heathered gray, the other side is a pale blue.  Both sides are finished with contrast trim for more visual pop and the neck can snap up or be worn as a collar.

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Courtesy of Bonobos


4. Uniqlo Soft Touch Mock Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Uniqlo creates sleek, minimalist designs for people who are looking for good quality materials without a lot of frills and extras. Their cotton mock neck long sleeve tee could be the basis of dozens of outfits. The mock neck and cuffs are ribbed and have a bit of stretch in them, so if you push up the sleeves, they don’t fall down. It also comes in a ton of colors.

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Courtesy of Uniqlo


5. Proud Be Strong Zipper Pullover


You don’t have to be on the tennis court to wear this cotton mock neck pullover. Athletically inspired, yet casual, it’s got raglan sleeves, a zip pocket on one of the sleeves and the neck zips up and down. If you’re a biker or a runner, you’ll appreciate the reflective piping that runs down the sleeves. Proud ethically sources their materials and uses only ethically run factories. When purchasing the mock neck, or any product from their website, customers can donate 10% of their purchase to any of these charities: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Pink Ribbon Girls, Baby2Baby, Off The Street Club, Victoria’s Victory Foundation or the Rezvan Foundation.

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Courtesy of Proud


6. State Cashmere Button Mock Neck Cashmere Polo Sweater


Who can say no to cashmere? Then again, who would want to say no. State Cashmere’s mock neck polo sweater looks luxe and is affordable. A win-win in any situation. It’s got great style and cool touches too. Check out the smart details like the contrast color elbow patches, tonal stitching and it buttons up the neck. Wear it over a button-down shirt or cotton turtleneck when it’s cool out, and as it gets warmer, wear over a tee. It comes in a few different shades, but we love the mustard fabric pictured here.

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Courtesy of State Cashmere


7. Nike Men’s Dri-FIT Victory Half Zip Golf Pullover


Technically, Nike designed this stripe mock neck top as a men’s golf shirt. However, you can wear it even if the closest you’ve been to the links was your neighborhood putt. They used their patented Dry-FitÒ tech to wick away moisture from your skin and keep you feeling oh so fresh all day long. Pop it on when you’re off to the market or hanging out at home. It comes in three other colors.

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Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods


8. SHEIN Mock Neck Drop Shoulder Mock Neck Tee


Following the techwear trend? If you are, this loosely cut mock neck long sleeve tee fits in that trend like a T, pardon the pun. Wear it under a techwear vest and joggers. If you like your men’s tees cut on the roomy side, then this drop neck mock neck is your friend.

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Courtesy of SHEIN


9. Land’s End Super-T Mock Neck


If you’re looking for an item that will immediately blend in with what you own, a long sleeve that can be worn under stuff or by itself, this is the mock neck for you. It’s one of the brand’s most popular pieces. It’s made of a stain-resistant cotton jersey, won’t pill or fade. And over 1100 people wrote in just to say how much they loved this mock neck.

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Courtesy of Land's End


10. Mr. P Black Wool and Cashmere-Blend Sweater


In addition to Mr. Porter highlighting and selling a mix of on-trend menswear and classically tailored items, they also have their own line of clothing. Their stuff is as runway-worthy as the top brands they carry. This mock neck cashmere blend sweater has a standing collar and roomy kangaroo pockets. They’ve elevated the athleisurewear vibe with a touch of loungewear indulgence.

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Courtesy of Mr. Porter


11. Essentials Green Mock Neck Half Zip Sweatshirt


LA-based Essentials mixes up streetwear styles with a designer touch. The result is branded clothing that doesn’t look or feel like logo wear. Their mock neck sweatshirt has everything you want in one. That soothing feeling of being wrapped in cotton that’s tactile and pleasing. Their mock neck converts easily into a V-neck. It’s slightly oversized and has ribbed cuffs.


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Courtesy of Ssense


12. Victor Li Half Zip Turtleneck Cream


For a guy who recently graduated design school, Victor Li’s career has skyrocketed. He’s continuously dressing celebrities, written up in top publications and has a killer cat sweater. His boxy cut mock neck cashmere sweater’s color is meant to evoke the snow at Hokkaido. The body of the sweater is ribbed, while the neck is not. The sweater can be worn zipped up, done at a half zip, or zipped all the way down, creating a collar effect.

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Courtesy of Victor Li


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