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The Modern Oxford by Everlane: Sleek, Casual and Just in Time for Spring

* The ideal springtime footwear
* Durable Italian leather looks better with time
* Modern style that you can keep casual or dress up

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your footwear. By the time the snow stops, you’ll be over the killer boots you just bought, and it will still be too early for summer slip-ons or sandals. You’ll need something seasonal appropriate, made for moderate temperatures and occasional rain. Enter: the Modern Oxford from Everlane.

To achieve a modern aesthetic, Everlane used laser cutting techniques so that the edges of the silhouette would be clean and even. Detail has also been paid to create an almond toe, which offers a gentle taper around the toe instead of a sharp point. A blush pink color (with matching blush laces) is a welcome neutral for spring and offers a still-classy alternative to black or brown. The 0.75-inch stacked heel gives you a small height boost; the stacked leather sole creates a sleek feel with every step you take.

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Crafted from full-grain Italian leather in Brescia, Italy, a combination of chrome tanning and vegetable tanning means these loafers will resist everyday wear and tear, while looking better over time. Wear them with loose fitting jeans and a slouchy sweater on off-duty days. For creative professional style, wear them with culottes and a button-up blouse.

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