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Rain Rain Go Away With The MoMA’s History of Art Umbrella

* Heavy duty umbrella traces work of most famous artists
* Based on 1991 illustration by teacher Donald Seitz
* Packable, lightweight design

When shopping for an umbrella, what are you typically looking for? Coverage? Sure. Size? Of course. But more often than not, you want something that stands out just enough that someone else might not mistake it for their own umbrella, right? Well, the Museum of Modern Art’s History of Art umbrella has you covered.

Based on Donald Seitz’s 1991 illustration of the same name, the MoMA umbrella outlines the history of art by way of smiley faces that have been adapted to depict the style of multiple famous artists. The icons included have undisputedly left a mark on the art world. Seitz accurately portrays the look and feel of Dali, Warhol, Pollock, Monet, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso and Rothko, in a whimsical and informative fashion.

Buy this umbrella for the art lover in your life, or buy it to introduce someone to the all-time artistic greats. It’s perfect for kids or art students, though we think our parents would appreciate this gift too.

Clever design aside, the MoMA’s umbrella packs down to just over nine inches and weighs under nine ounces, making it portable for most. An accompanying case features the same white on black artwork. Spanning just 38 inches, it’s the ideal size for a quick dash away from the rain.

By the way, there’s rain in the forecast, L.A. Make sure you’ve got an umbrella or two handy.

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