The Most Comfortable Jeans for Men Feel Almost Like Sweats

most comfortable jeans for men
Courtesy of DUER & Everlane
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In the past year, we as a society have become more accustomed to comfort than we ever have been before. Think about it, those of you still working from home, when was the last time you worked at your desk in a pair of jeans? A pair of slacks? Khakis? If you haven’t worn sweatpants every single day to work in the past year, you’re probably living in a different dimension where COVID-19 simply doesn’t exist. Lucky you.

Eternal comfort has become a priority. We’ve snagged the perfect work-from-home desk chairs, we found ourselves purchasing the best joggers we could find online for relaxation and we’ve even stepped up our bedding with weighted blankets in hopes to rid ourselves of the world’s anxieties. Now that vaccinations are being distributed worldwide, though, we’re finding it’s time to start acting like real people again. Meaning, we all have to start dressing like real people, too. Thankfully, you can do that in a pair of comfortable jeans for men.

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The most comfortable jeans for men aren’t so hard to come by. Even though you’re so used to sweats, throwing a pair of jeans on to leave the house doesn’t have to feel so different. Sure, they might not be as soft, but comfortable jeans for men nowadays almost always prioritize an ample amount of stretch to keep you moving throughout your day. And when we say stretch, we mean it — they’re more than compatible with the sweats you’re probably wearing right now.

As the world’s restrictions begin to ease up, you’re going to be dressing a bit differently. Don’t worry though, we found the seven most comfortable jeans for men to rock no matter where the day takes you. Believe us, with these, the transition from sweatpants to jeans won’t be that bad.


1. DUER Performance Denim Jeans


When talking about the most comfortable jeans for men, you cant leave out DUER’s performance denim jeans. These sophisticated jeans quite literally feel like your favorite pair of joggers so much that you’ll probably consider running in them at least twice. They’re lightweight and thin to give total range in movement, meaning, yeah, you can do the splits if you so please. Like, they’re made with 2% LYRCA spandex, what else did you expect? With five pockets in total, carry everything you might possibly need directly on your body is a breeze. There are a number of colors available for purchase, but in this case, you can never go wrong with a classic blue wash.

DUER Performance Denim Jeans, most comfortable jeans for men Courtesy of DUER


2. Everlane Slim 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean


Everlane’s organic stretch jeans are the type of pants you wake up and jump directly in, ready to tackle your day. Everlane’s so confident these pants are long-lasting that they made them part of the brand’s 365-day guarantee. This means that if they rip or tear within a year of purchase, you can replace them with a brand-new pair. But, they’re so tough that we’re sure that will never happen. Because they have a four-way stretch, the jeans will barely warp so you can confidently move throughout your day, making it one of the most comfortable jeans for men.

Everlane Slim 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean, most comfortable jeans for men Courtesy of Everlane


3. Madewell Skinny Authentic Flex Jeans


Black jeans truly hit different. You can dress them up in a way you simply can’t with blue jeans, making them the much more versatile option of the two. If you’re looking for a skinny, stretchy pair of black jeans ready to take on whatever you put them through, you’ve found them. These are a favorite for men on Madewell due to their slim yet stretchy fit, so you won’t feel like you’re suffocating the way you normally might in skinny jeans. Pair ’em with your favorite graphic tee or get a little formal with your go-to date-ready button-down.

Madewell Skinny Authentic Flex Jeans Courtesy of Madewell


4. Wrangler Regular Fit Comfort Flex Waist Jean


For the first time in a long time, our favorite product from Amazon surprisingly isn’t an Amazon product. You know Wrangler, don’t you? These babies have been around forever. They’re probably just as well known as any Levi’s are, too, making them a staple to mens’ jeans for years upon years now. These comfortable jeans come with a stretchy waistband and are made with durable materials for year after year of wear. No matter what color you want, it’s probably available.

Wrangler Regular Fit Comfort Flex Waist Jean Courtesy of Amazon


5. Bonobos Stretch Eco Blue Jeans

Now’s your very last chance to snag yourself a pair of one of the stretchiest, most eco-friendly jeans the world has to offer. These rugged denim jeans are made with 98% certified organic cotton and 2% elastane to give them the weight you want with the stretch you need. Each pair is made in a factory that also recycles 98% of all of its water with a focus on renewable energy sources. One thing to keep in mind is that these jeans are dyed with authentic indigo, so be careful washing these the first few times — the dye might rub off a bit onto the rest of your clothing. Because they’re final sale, there’s also a tremendous price drop: $60 off, making them $38 in total.

Bonobos Stretch Eco Blue Jeans Courtesy of Bonobos


6. Todd Snyder Slim Fit Stretch Jeans


Todd Snyder is a force to be reckoned with in the world of men’s fashion. From their collab with L.L.Bean to Converse, Snyder’s dipped his toes in just about every form of fashion. Meaning, yeah, his basics are absolutely killer. These lightwash stretchy jeans don’t only look fantastic, they feel fantastic. Every pair fits like a glove and comes in a range of colors to choose from. Lightwash is definitely the best-looking pair, though.

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Todd Snyder Slim Fit Stretch Jeans Courtesy of Todd Snyder


7. UNIQLO Ultra Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans


These are the stretchiest most comfortable jeans you can buy from UNIQLO. Period. Though they might be skinny, they do not skimp out on stretch at all. The yarn used in these is especially stretchy and used horizontally to keep both a high expansion rate as well as a solid, consistent shape. You won’t overstretch or shrink these easily in the wash either, so don’t worry. Though baggier jeans might be more in right now, you really need a classic pair of skinny blue jeans for when the right time calls.

UNIQLO Ultra Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans Courtesy of UNIQLO


8. Express Athletic Tapered Slim Medium Wash 4-Way Hyper Stretch Jeans

Nobody wants their thighs constricted in a pair of jeans. Thankfully, Express created their most comfortable pair of jeans with a four-way hyper stretch that keeps just enough room in the thigh area without making you look out of style. Move around as much as you want in these medium-wash beauties, you’ll never even realize you took your sweats off.

Express Athletic Tapered Slim Medium Wash 4-Way Hyper Stretch Jeans Courtesy of Express


9. Goodfellow & Co Athletic Fit Jeans


Look fly and stay cozy in the perfect athletic fit jean from none other than Goodfellow & Co at Target. These daily essentials will upgrade all of your outfits without ever breaking the bank. They’ve got quite the form-fitting fit to ensure everything stays where it needs to and has casual detailing to keep you on the low-key side of things. What’s your favorite jean color? Because Goodfellow & Co probably has it.

Goodfellow & Co Athletic Fit Jeans Courtesy of Target


10. Levi’s 514 Straight Fit Jeans


Alright, you caught us. The Levi 514’s do not have the same stretch as the rest above but come on, they’re a classic. You’ve been wearing them since you were a toddler. You re-buy them each and every time your last pair gets damaged. They’re a staple to anybody wearing jeans 20 years ago and 20 years from now. No, you can’t do any fun flips and tricks in these, but you will be comfortable in the way you’re most used to. Not to mention, you’ll look good as hell.

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Levi's 514 Straight Fit Jeans, most comfortable jeans for men Courtesy of Levi's


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