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Weekend Debrief: The 5 Most Popular Style Stories Of The Week

* The best merch to get for Pride Month
* How to avoid red noses during allergy season
* Prevent wardrobe malfunctions next time you go out

Pride Month is officially here. Whether you’re heading to a parade or just catching up on your favorite shows with friends (and allies), this is a weekend to celebrate being creative, being free and being true to yourself.

It’s not just the LGBTQIA community that has something to celebrate either. With summer quickly approaching, it’s time for us to get out there and enjoy the warm weather and summer festivities. Before you head out though, make sure you’re prepared — both for allergy season (it’s here) and for any unwanted wardrobe malfunctions. Here’s what you need to know this weekend.

1. The Best Things To Buy From H&M’s Pride Collection

A first for the brand, H&M has teamed up with Out Magazine to launch its 2018 PRIDE Collection, out now for LGBTQIA Pride Month this June. The collection’s campaign features the influential model and activist Gabrielle Richardson, the inimitable Aja of RuPaul’s Drag Racefame, along with influencers ranging from the Trans singer Kim Petras, to openly-gay Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy.

The collection itself includes solid pieces that promote themes of individuality, acceptance and equality. The best part: 10% of sales goes to the UN’s Free and Equal campaign. Here are our top five highlights.

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Image courtesy of HM[/caption]

The Best Pieces To Buy From H&M's Pride Collection


2. J.Crew Is Donating 50% From This T-Shirt’s Sales to the Human Rights Commission

June is Pride month, a time for LGBTQIA members and their allies to band together and show off their rainbows sure, but also their resilience.

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In support of that, J.Crew has designed a custom tee that boasts the uplifting message, “Love First.” The shirt is available in both men and women’s designs, one featuring rainbow lettering and the other featuring a rainbow period. If its direct, positive message wasn’t enough to convince you to dive in, J.Crew has announced it will donate 50% of the purchase price to the Human Rights Campaign, an organization that works to fight LGBTQ discrimination. As well as advocating for human rights, the group also investigates and mediate discrimination complaints.

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Image Courtesy of J Crew[/caption]

Get This Pride Month Charity T-Shirt From J.Crew


3. The Best Beauty Staples To Have You Survive Allergy Season

Seasonal allergies can be a beauty nightmare and can wreak havoc on your complexion if you’re not prepared. As symptoms can vary from watery eyes and redness to puffiness and extreme tiredness, whichever ones your skin chooses to partake in, there’s a beauty solution. Here are some of the best beauty fixers to combat the side effects of allergy season. With the right makeup and skin care products, you can combat (or at least conceal) the physical signs of allergies.

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The Best Beauty Staples to Survive Allergy Season


4. The 6 Best-Selling Sneakers To Give The Dad(s) In Your Life For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, but there’s one problem: dads are nearly impossible to shop for. But before you wring your hands and buy your old man another boring tie, consider getting him a fresh pair of sneakers instead.

A new pair of kicks is a great gift because your dad will use them all the time, and might not know which pair to get on his own. Plus, you’ll totally get credit for helping him step up his style.

Whether he’s going for a game of golf, for a boat ride or just to the office, help him upgrade his wardrobe with one of the best-selling pairs of kicks below.

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Image courtesy of Adidas[/caption]

The Best Sneakers To Give Dad for Father's Day


5. You’ll Never Have a Wardrobe Malfunction Again With These 9 Products

Wardrobe malfunctions are unfortunate and usually happen at the worst possible moments. That is why preparation is key and with the help of a few go-to necessities, you can ensure any last-minute fashion faux pas is nipped in the bud and all your clothes stay put. Continue reading for our best and most highly-rated recommendations.

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