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These Chic $10 Sunglasses Moonlight as a Bottle Opener

* Stylish and functional shades
* Bottle opener frames that don’t look like novelty eyewear
* Full UV protection and universally-flattering wayfarer design

As an everyday carry fashion accessory, few things can “do it all” as well as a classically-styled pair of wayfarers. This pair however, is even more versatile than your average pair of shades. Not only can it help hold together your look and protect your eyes from UV damage, but it doubles as a bottle opener. Day drinking has perhaps never been more within reach. Bottled beers by the pool anyone? Be the hero and save your friends and/or S/O from having to walk all the way back inside into the kitchen again after they just went in to grab the salt and the limes.

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Great for pool parties and barbecues, these glasses come with a scratch-resistant set of plastic lenses and feature the timeless wayfarer style. The back of the frames, however, have a built-in bottle opener tool. Unlike some novelty sunglasses, these wayfarers are actually designed in a universally flattering style. They also have full UVA/UVB protection, and the frames are available in mock tortoiseshell or flat black. For extra fun, master the art of slowly taking them off and posing like Clark Kent about to be revealed as a bottle-opening superhero. Cheers!