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Celebrities Are Cooling Down This Summer at LA’s Museum of Ice Cream

* Los Angeles’ “pop-up” Museum of Ice Cream extended through October
* The cool installation has hosted several A-listers in recent months
* Tickets are sold online at $29 for adults

Southern California is currently undergoing a major heat wave this week, but celebrities are staying cool in Los Angeles by heading to LA’s latest addition to its museum circuit–The Museum of Ice Cream.

The museum was brought to LA as a pop-up event scheduled to come to a close in May. But, thanks to unprecedented popularity (and presumably the A-list clientele), the museum announced earlier in the week that it is extending its LA stay through October 16th.

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Images courtesy of Instagram //@museumoficecream, @beyonce, @katyperry

Celeb moms Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé celebrated Mother’s Day with their daughters at the pink museum, while Kylie Jenner, Seth Rogan and Katy Perry–dressed in a matching, all-pink ensemble–attended with grown-up friends.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian also took advantage of the never ending photo-ops, posing for selfies and shot with their kids in town. Drew Barrymore  documented her daughter playing in the sprinkle pool and enjoying the banana swings. In case you’re curious, there is also real (read: not-art) ice cream from Los Angeles-based creameries Cool Haus and Salt & Straw available on the premise as well (phew!).

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Image courtesy of Katie Gibbs

Tickets will go back on sale Thursday June 22nd at 9am online, and with its plethora of Instagram-ready backdrops, they’re expected to sell out pretty fast. The first few rounds of tickets reportedly sold out in less than 24 hours. If you do get the chance to attend this delicious exhibit, make sure to celebrate with a themed outfit to celebrate. Even if you don’t get in, live vicariously through these five ice-cream inspired items.

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1. Asos Ice Cream Print Dress

This flirty mini dress not only features a festive ice cream print, but also one of the season’s biggest trends–the cold shoulder (no ice cream pun intended). Let this dress’ mint chip color inspire your flavor selection for the day for a complete outfit.

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Image courtesy of Asos[/caption]


2. Marc Jacobs Ice Cream Cone Pendant Necklace

This delicate gold-toned charm necklace will be a festive go-to all summer long. With just a hint of girlish charm, this small pendant necklace is subtle and sweet.

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Image courtesy of ShopSpring[/caption]


3. Ice Cream Print Shirt

Just because the Museum of Ice Cream is mostly pink, doesn’t mean that men are excluded from all of the fun. Jay-Z joined in on the fun and posed for the camera in the sprinkle pool. It would’ve been even better if he was wearing this cone-print shirt.

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Image courtesy of ShopSpring[/caption]


4. Ice Cream Cone iPhone Case

You know you’ll be glued to your phone the whole trip to the museum, taking photos and tons of selfies throughout the day. For an upgraded mirror pic, dress up your phone in a cute outfit with this charming iPhone 7 case.


5. Ice Cream Tank Top

LA is hot right now, and the best way to cool off from the heat (besides an actual ice cream cone, of course) is by wearing a breezy tank top. Wiz Khalifia sported a graphic tee when he visited the museum with his son Sebastian.

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