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These Are 6 Must-Haves in Your Closet for 2023

2023 is here in full effect, so you know what that means: new year, new wardrobe. And no we’re not advising you to toss out everything existing in your closet. But perhaps you’re wanting to approach your style in a different way and raise the bar with your look this year. This could mean adding quality pieces that offer a certain edge and/or updating your rotation of everyday essentials. Nevertheless, a little switch-up every once in a blue moon doesn’t hurt.

While we always want you to look and feel your best, we also highly recommend you shop smart. For instance, don’t make a purchase that works solely for one outing. To all of our stylish guys out there, a good rule of thumb for flexible wearability is if a garment can help craft the foundation of your wardrobe and be worn for two-thirds of the year, then it’s a winner. In addition to versatility, make sure whatever you buy has a sleek fit, enhances your personality and is not entirely led by trends.

Building an interchangeable wardrobe should be an exciting task, rather than feel like a complete hassle. Remember: Fashion is your playground coupled with a form of self-expression. You wear the garment, the garment doesn’t wear you. Whether you wish to experiment with gender-neutral silhouettes like Harry Styles, play with pops of color in your ensembles or opt for more room in flared out 70-inspired trousers, why not welcome that change? After all, ushering in the new year is synonymous with personal transformation.

To eliminate the hard part, our SPY team has gone ahead and broken down six must-haves that belong in your wardrobe this year. It’s safe to admit we’re sporting at least one, if not majority, of the highlighted pieces below daily.



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If you didn’t know we’ve reviewed and raved about the weightless insulated shirt jacket from DU/ER for being an inclusive piece of garb with the perfect fit that pairs well with several style situations. With facets of both a button-down shirt and jacket, the versatile hybrid garment can work in between every season especially during those chilly spring-summer nights.


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It’s always necessary to have a quality knitted V-neck cardigan with in your repertoire. The best part about having one on hand is being to dress it up and dress it down for whatever the occasion might be. From mohair and crochet to cable-knit and brush textured, Zara has a range that’ll meet your needs.



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Yes, we love how well slim or slim-straight pants are nearly always flattering on guys, but more relaxed pants are having a major moment. And we don’t mean go too baggy — make sure they’re still sleek and neat. Our SPY team recommends wearing them some footwear that has some bulk to it. Perhaps chunky loafers or combat boots? Also, your legs will thank you later for the extra room.


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Denim is timeless. It will last as long as you want it to (with care) and can be paired with as many different pieces as you can imagine. Mango uses a sustainable cotton fabric for their denim shirts, which boasts a classic look and feel.


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Everyone can use a little break from the navys and greys from time to time. In fact, a sprinkle of color is the best way breathe life into your outfits. It’s daring, shows your fearlessness and often times makes you standout in a room full of people playing it safe in their neutrals. This retro stripe sweater from Wales Bonner is the perfect contender for a jazzy evening.



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Less is more. When your outfit speaks for itself, your shoes don’t need to be too loud. Or the other way around. That’s another rule of thumb we live by when getting dressed. Veja’s minimal leather sneakers can go with a casual work fit or alongside a tailored suit, either will do.