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The 9 Best Natural Face Washes Your Skin Will Love

I often think about what goes into the products I consume — and if you don’t, then I advise you to start. From food to clothes, to pet care, to — you guessed it — face wash, it’s more important than ever to consider what goes into your products. How many times have you just slapped on a face wash without even reading the ingredients to see what’s in the product? That’s not a healthy habit, dude. Hence why we’re writing this guide on natural face washes, because we actually care about your skin!

Natural face washes help to elevate the skin and keep it healthy by only including natural ingredients that are devoid of harsh chemicals. So, that means natural oils, plant extracts, and some kind of healthy cleanser (salicylic acid, for example). Too often there are skincare products on the market that include a lot of fake stuff or synthetics that either dry out your skin or hinder your skin from being as healthy as it can be. No more. Natural face washes are here to save the day!

Below, we’ve listed some of the best natural face washes for men. So, get on with it, man! Give your face a good scrub-a-dub-dub, and give it some love.


1. Geologie Desert Cedar Everyday Face Wash


Geologie is one of our favorite men’s skincare companies, and they have a ton of products we love. When it comes to the best natural face wash for men, you can’t beat this Geologie cleanser, which combines 2% salicylic acid with natural botanicals. Add this to your daily skincare regimen to exfoliate and clean your skin.

The striking packaging of this natural face wash might be enough for you to try it alone. If not that, then how about its use of bergamot oil, juniper wood oil and lavender oil amongst other natural ingredients? Or, what about its ability to exfoliate the skin and combat acne? Yeah, go ahead and add it to your cart.

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2. Solehe Face Wash For Men 


This option from Solehe features charcoal and volcanic clay to helps to remove oil from the skin without stripping all of it away. It’s suitable for all skin types. Also, it features 17 amino acids and 10 plant extracts that help to keep your skin moisturized and balanced. It leaves behind a mild masculine scent after use.

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3. Caldera Lab The Clean Slate


The Clean Slate by Caldera Lab is a simple cleanser that uses natural ingredients to balance the pH of the skin. It features biome-friendly probiotics, clarifying plant extracts, hydrating amino acids, and mineral-rich glacial ocean silt extracts for healthy skin. It goes on really smooth and washes off easy, and it’s lighter than most natural face washes on the market.

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Caldera + Lab

4. Era Organics Men’s Face & Body Wash


You’ve probably heard multiple jokes about men only having a three-in-one wash and that’s it, which if that’s really you — never mind. This option is actually useful because of the healthy minerals and oils that help to wash and moisturize your face and body. It strives to cleanse pores, remove buildup and prep your skin for the perfect shave. It also helps to revitalize dull skin and bring it back to life. Some of the ingredients include chamomile tea, coconut oil, orange oil, rosemary and rosehip seed oil. For a natural face wash for men that can do more than wash your face, this is a great option.

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5. Huron Face Wash


This natural face wash for men from Huron features nothing but natural ingredients, is made in the U.S.A. and boasts packaging that is 100% recyclable. Some of the ingredients include bamboo powder, fruit enzymes, aloe, aqua-cacteen and glycerin, for a natural, effective clean.

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6. Ktchn Apothecary Hydrating Face Wash


If you’re a person that lives for tiny, foamy bubble tickling your nose, this natural face wash from Ktchn Apothecary will be right up your alley. it comes in an efficient pump bottle that helps with application. Also, some of the natural ingredients in the formula include: aloe vera juice, water, sweet almond oil, apricot oil, coconut, carrot seed, corn starch and many other healthy natural elements. So, again, if you love tiny bubbles scrubbing away the grime of the day on your face, this is the natural face wash for you.

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7. Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming Sensitive Full Face Kit


Chances are you’ve seen this product in your local Target or Walmart, well we’re here to tell you that you should try it out. This Bulldog formula is perfect for people who have sensitive skin thanks to its fragrance-free formula. The key ingredients in the formula include baobab, oat oil and willowherb. It comes with a face wash, face scrub and moisturizer that your skin will love so much that it’ll thank you by remaining moisturized all day.

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8. Oars + Alps Solid Face Wash


By using activated charcoal and other exfoliants, Oars + Alps created a natural face wash that removes the deep dirt in the skin and dissolves it in a cinch. It comes in a stick formula that makes it travel-friendly and easy to use.

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Oars + Alps

9. Brickell Men’s Clarifying Gel Face Wash


This natural face wash from Brickell features ingredients that help to bring the shine to your skin and make it last. A few of the key natural ingredients include coconut cleansers, aloe vera and geranium. It won’t over-dry your skin, and it will keep your face looking and feeling healthy.

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