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Turn Heads This Award Season With This Navy Bow Tie by Thomas Mason

* Contemporary meets classic design
* Easy to wear – no tying required
* Fully adjustable for every neck size

Ready for any occasion, the Thomas Mason Formal Bow Tie is a classy and easy wardrobe addition. Whether you’re heading to an awards show, wedding or formal dinner, this bow tie makes dressing up a breeze while maintaining style and appeal.

Sporting a subtle stripe design with just a hint of texture, the bow tie is a just-modern-enough take on a traditional all-black accessory. It’s a versatile piece that works for the dapper dude in a tweed blazer, or under a three-piece suit.

Made in Italy, the bow tie is crafted from premium silk and cotton. A hook-and-eye closure allows you to wrap the bow tie around your collar and go – no fancy tying required. The strap is also fully adjustable, making it suitable for all neck sizes.

At 2.5 inches wide, this standard-sized tie fits almost all dress shirts. And at $80, it’s a great way to complete an outfit and stand out from the crowd.

Founded more than 200 years ago, Thomas Mason is considered one of the pioneers of British menswear. A staple in the finest men’s boutiques and offices today, the brand is known for its fine textiles, sophisticated polish and bespoke-inspired process. This is a bow tie you will have and use for years to come.

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