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Give the Classic Blazer a New Twist With This Navy Drawstring Jacket

* Classic blazer styling
* Drawstring hem for an element of sporty-chic
* Cropped length hits just at the hip

Ever notice, draped over every woman’s chair at work, is the ubiquitous office cardigan? Usually black, nondescript and there for almost the sole purpose of warding off an intense A/C freeze, this necessity of the modern workplace probably gets about as much considerations as the desktop stapler.

So why not put a little chic in your step this summer and liven things up with Ellen Tracy’s navy drawstring jacket? It’s every bit as versatile as that black cardigan, but a notch up in polish and many notches up in fun.

It all starts with traditional blazer styling, encompassing details like smartly-cut lapels and functional flap pockets, and ends with a slightly cropped, hip-length hem gathered with a drawstring. This sporty touch gives an otherwise unassuming but elegant piece a twist on a classic.

Just as warm as the old cardigan hanging on the back of your chair, its added value in style is certainly undeniable. The athletic-inspired drawstring hem balances out the heightened formality of a jacket — wear it with tailored pants or tossed over the shoulders of your favorite sheath dress.

Even casual Friday jeans get a sartorial upgrade when paired with a navy blazer. So give your office sweater the pink slip — long known for work-perfect pieces, Ellen Tracy doesn’t disappoint with this classic-meets-sporty-chic must-have.

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