Stay Dry With This French Made Five Panel Ball Cap

Larose's Water-Repellent Five Panel Baseball Cap

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* Handmade in France using traditional millinery techniques
* Twill blend repels water while keeping you dry
* Classic silhouette with minimal branding

There’s a saying about rain showers in April bringing flowers in May. Whether or not that’s entirely true is up for debate given the, well, climate of things. The one truth, though, is that we are in that period of the year where it does rain quite often. Your options to combat the elements are plentiful in the form of umbrellas, rain jackets and the like, but have you considered a hat that’s water-resistant, like Larose’s baseball cap?

The French millinery has been around since 2012 and utilizes traditional hat making techniques at its factory in the south of France. Unlike other upstart brands, Larose and its founders believe that specializing in one item and doing it very, very well is the best approach and the right way to build a brand. While the brand makes hats of all types, it started with a simple five-panel cap.

A mix of polyester and cotton, the twill, water-repellent baseball cap features an adjustable buckle strap and a curved bill. And true to Larose’s commitment to excellence, this cap should stand the test of time. Such a simple and classic silhouette isn’t often easy to pull off but the French millinery nails it with the right mix of fabrics and elevated additions, like an embroidered diamond logo at the back.

This is an elevated — and practical — take on your favorite baseball cap — just in time for baseball season, and the spring showers.

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