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Everybody Needs Glow in The Dark Swim Trunks

* Dads (and moms): these come in kid sizes too
* Fun for day and night
* Includes nylon carry bag and water-resistant wallet

This summer, opt for a pair of swim trunks that are slightly unconventional. Or, at the very least, a pair with a delightful surprise, like Vilebrequin’s “Starlette” Glow in the Dark Superflex Swim Shorts. While they may just look like a pair of navy swim trunks with an all-over starfish print, they do, in fact, glow in the dark. Night swimming, anyone?

Vilebrequin, a French label that specializes in swim and resort wear, was founded in 1971 by Fred Prysquel, a motorsports journalist and photographer. The story goes that while in St. Tropez, Prysquel set about designing a pair of swim trunks similar to those worn by the surfers of the day, but with a bit of flair and a more practical fit. He sought more unique prints and designs that were not as short or clingy as the standard trunks of the day. Made from spinnaker, the trunks were not only brightly designed, but quickly dried once out of the water. And thus, Vilebrequin — French for crankshaft — was born.

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The “Starlette” is cut in Vilebrequin’s classic fitted style, which runs slightly shorter than traditional men’s swim trunks. A medium, for instance, measures 15.6” at the outseam. But these are made from a mix of polyamide and elastane, so these starfish adorned trunks not only dry fast out of the water but the mix of materials also allows for a fair range of motion, whether you’re surfing or going for a swim with the kids (day or night).

Aside from the glow in the dark surprise, there’s a lot more to love about these shorts. Sure, there’s a back pocket with a velcro flap, as well as two Italian style side pockets, but Vilebrequin also ships their trunks with a nylon carry bag and water-resistant wallet. Even better, you can grab a matching pair for the kids.

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