The Best Things to Buy From Target’s Two New Exclusive Brands

New Target Clothing
Image courtesy of Target

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* Target has just launched two new exclusive brands.
* Both showcase Targets push for more trendy, higher-quality clothing.
* New clothing includes both fresh basics and modern statement pieces.

Target has just launched two new exclusive brands: A New Day for women, and Goodfellow & Co. for men. Following suit with Target’s push to offer higher quality and more on-trend clothing, the pieces from these new brands are surprisingly well made–and stylish–for the everyday retailer.

We think A New Day and Goodfellow & Co. are successful because they offer two types of clothing: classic staples and a couple on-point statement pieces – both for the low prices you’d expect from Target. The styling is definitely inspired by the trends set by high-fashion brands, but done in a way that distills what’s great about those grail-worthy pieces into wearable clothing that doesn’t require a complete wardrobe overhaul. So if you’re looking to freshen up your basics (tees, trousers, white sneakers, etc), or looking for a new fall statement piece, these brands are a great, incredibly budget-friendly place to start. Below are eight of our favorite picks–four each for both genders.


1. Bell Sleeve Poplin Shirt

This bell sleeve shirt in plain white has the ability to elevate a very casual look, or complete a weekday office look. Plus its poplin fabric and slightly loose fit make it much more comfortable than typical dress shirts.

Women's Dress Shirt Target Image courtesy of Target


2. Slim Fit Plaid Ankle Pant

Plaid is a major trend this fall, and these pants revitalize the classic business pattern. They’re easy to dress up for dinner or work, but also look great dressed down with sneakers and a simple top.

Women's Plaid Pants Target Image courtesy of Target


3. Fawn Low Chelsea Booties

A New Day’s take on the hugely popular chelsea boot is sleek, and it’s versatile enough to wear with almost anything. The ankle boot features black suede construction and a low stacked heel.

Women's Chelsea Boots Target Image courtesy of Target


4. Embroidered Military Jacket

Embroideries (especially floral) were a trend we started to see this summer, and now it’s ramping up for fall. This military jacket utilizes just the right amount of embroidery and color to make it stand out, but not overpower the rest of your outfit.

Women's Embroidered Jacket Target Image courtesy of Target


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1. Slim Fit Hennepin Chino Pants

Slim fit chinos in earth tones are worthy of any man’s wardrobe. Goodfellow & Co. offers a great pair with a modern fit and a nice fall/winter color for less than $25.

Men's Chinos Target Image courtesy of Target


2. Slim Fit Ultimate Button Down Dress Shirt

The white dress shirt is a genuine must-have for every guy. Even if you don’t dress up for work, there will always be at least a few occasions where a white dress shirt will come in handy. This one has a classic no-frills style and a slim fit for a more modern look.

Men's White Dress Shirt Target Image courtesy of Target


3. Shawl Pocket Cardigan Sweater

Channel chic grandpa style with this super cozy shawl collar sweater. Wear it unbuttoned while lounging around on a rainy day, or button it up with a nice white dress shirt for a night out.

Men's Shawl Collar Sweater Target Image courtesy of Target


4. Standard Varsity Fit Jacket

We love the bomber jacket, but it’s on the tail-end of it’s reign as trend king. Upgrade to this burgundy varsity jacket for a fresh, go-to layering tool and statement piece this fall.

Men's Varsity Jacket Target Image courtesy of Target

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