Nike’s New Adapt Shoes Can Tie Their Own Laces, Finding a Perfect Fit for Every Foot

Nike adapt shoes
Courtesy of Nike
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A day when fashion and tech meet is a good day in our eyes. Smart watches were amongst the first inventions that broke the barrier between the two worlds and now technology is making more accessories that we wear every day smarter. Nike has hopped on the trend with their latest shoe release with Nike Adapt.

Nike Adapt is not only an impressive new shoe design, these shoes can also tie themselves. I know, it sounds like a made-up invention you dreamed about when you were a kid and had no idea how to grapple with the complexity of laces — but it’s true! They have an electronic lacing system built in that laces the shoe up automatically, adjusting to the unique shape of your foot every time. The system also unlaces your shoes for you as well, so when you’re ready to step out of them that step is easy too.

Nike adapt shoes,

Nike adapt shoes Courtesy of Nike

Nike Adapt Auto Max


The shoes come synced up to the Nike Adapt app where you can check the battery levels of your shoes, customize the lighting of the lace engines and more. The shoes can also respond to voice commands through Siri or Google Voice for Android users, and have two preset fit modes — one for activity when you want your shoes snug, and the other for relaxing.

You can adjust the fit on the right and left foot via the app on your phone or Apple watch, and they come with a wireless charging mat so the battery will be ready whenever you’re ready to rock ’em. Don’t worry — if the battery dies while you’re wearing them your shoes will still unlace whenever you’re ready so you don’t get stuck.

nike adapt shoes Courtesy of Nike

The Nike Adapt system comes in two styles currently — the Nike Auto Adapt Max and the Nike Adapt BB Basketball. The shoes are built for slightly different purposes, but they both rock a bold colorway and the personalized fit that can’t be beat. The Adapt BB 2.0’s are harder to find in anything other than “Tie Dye” these days — which I love, but I can imagine it’s not for everyone. I’ll include a link to it below and update whenever new colors become available.

This is not just a cool feature Nike has introduced into a well-designed shoe — it’s also a game changer for the disabled community. For those for whom the physical act of bending down to tie laces is impossible or engaging the motor skills needed to handle thin strings of fabric aren’t there these shoes make rocking cool kicks possible. No longer are they relegated to velcro shoes with little style — they can rock Nikes and enjoy top-of-the-line features at the same time. Well done Nike, well done.

Nike Adapt Auto Max

This is the basic version of their newest shoe and is a futuristic version of one of Tinker Hatfield’s most famous designs. They have a modern look with a feel that’ll be revolutionary for your tired old soles that have been melding to shoes for years, rather than the other way around. You can set and save your personalized favorite fits, add lights and get updates from your phone whenever you need them.

Nike adapt auto max Courtesy of Nike

Nike Adapt Auto Max



Nike Adapt BB 2.0 “Tie Dye”

These shoes from Nike are designed to be bright, bold and be a trend-setting blend of culture and innovation. Throw it back to the flower power days with the cutting edge technology seamlessly blended into the colors of the shoe. These shoes have a translucent mesh upper that’s a window into the tie dye graphics below and the leather heel pays homage to Nike’s contemporary design skills.

Nike adapt basketball shoe Courtesy of Nike