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Swap Your Shoelaces For These Elastic Ones And Never Worry About Tying Bunny Ears Again

* Forget about needing to tie your shoelaces ever again
* These custom elastic laces are easily installed into shoes or sneakers
* They come in a range of colors and boast over 9,500 5-star Amazon reviews

Cross, over, under, through, round, up, down, and so on. The chances are you know how to tie your shoelaces without thinking about it. But the question is, do you really want to? If you were given the choice of never having to tie your shoelaces again, would you take it? With the

in your shoes, that’s now a feasible possibility.

These smart shoelaces give you an easy way to turn any lace-up pair of sneakers into a no-tie pair of slip ons. Whether you’re an avid runner, top tennis player, gym goer or any other kind of laced shoe wearer, you can say goodbye to the time lost bending down to tie your laces every time you put your shoes on and every time they come untied.

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The laces don’t just make for a speedy donning process, either. The elastic inside ensures your shoes conform to your feet, providing a more secure and snugger fit than ever before. This tighter fit lessens pressure points during the day, allowing your feet to feel more comfortable and perform at your best for longer periods.

And while the laces may be well suited to sports players and exercise enthusiasts, that’s not the only people for which they work. Easy-to-tie-up shoes are ideal for people who struggle with tying laces, too. Whether it’s senior citizens with limited reach, arthritis sufferers or autistic kids, these smart laces provide a simple way to solve a day-to-day obstacle.

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Installing the laces couldn’t be easier. Simply take out your shoelaces (adult or kid sizes), replace the old laces with your new Lock Laces, trim them to size and then secure them with the supplied cord clip. After that, you’re ready to go.

In addition, this original brand has sold over a million pairs worldwide and comes endorsed by over 9,500 5-star reviews from customers who have switched to no-tie laces and never looked back. There’s really no need to question whether these laces will work for you.

Retake control of your time and your safety and say goodbye to all those minutes lost playing around with bunny ears.


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